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August 9, 2007

KELMAN – Is This How It Ends? (Download Single)

Liner Records LIN004: 13th August 2007
1. Is This How It Ends?
“On the brink of something big, I’ve never known failure like this, it’s gone and made monsters of us both, picking at old wounds just makes them worse”
2. Postcards
“On my own, made of stone, only you can break my world, letter re-read, never sent, too much truth can take it’s toll”

‘Is This How It Ends?’ is reaching for something more epic than previous Kelman releases. Wayne Gooderman’s cavernously deep vocal drifts over the best thing The Velvet Underground never recorded. Drums beat like the blood pumping in your veins to create an air of excitement mixed with dread, culminating in an almost unbearably intense finish. A demo of ‘Postcards’ was first released by Wayne’s old band Baptiste in 2003. It’s like a bleak outtake from OK Computer and the Acapella “In case you hear my heart beating” line is spellbinding. These songs are best experienced in the twilight between drunk and sober, on headphones in the dark, by the light of a candle.

‘Is This How It Ends?’ is available to download from iTunes from the 13th of August.  Until then, here’s Kelman’s first incredible single:

Kelman – The Happiest Man Alive mp3

You can purchase Kelman’s last three releases via Paypal from their Website or click here to buy them from Rough Trade.

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