THE ANOMALIES – Employee Of The Month (7″ Single)

Beyond Music BML70002V: 30th July 2007
1. Employee Of The Month
“You can’t be certain, which bar I’m lurkin’, I’m employee of the month, ’cause I’m the hardest workin'”
2. Hats & Glasses
“Now there’s ‘armony in the way she moves, blazin’ rare grooves as the Bass bin booms, we could raise the roof, or we could tell the truth, we could knock back Tequilas in the DJ booth”

‘Employee Of The Month’ mashes up real-old-skool Swing, Jazz and Big-Band grooves with spicy Latin and Ska flavours.  Add to that some funky Indie Guitars, deeper-than-deep Bass, soulful backing vocals and Beastie Boys rapping and you haven’t just got ‘Employee Of The Month’ you’ve got single of the month!  If that wasn’t enough check out the Rumba outro, it’ll have you shakin’ ya booty and wavin’ those hands in the ayer like ya just don’t cayer!

‘Hats & Glasses’ is almost as good, combining an undulating Bass line, scratchin’, fruity Trumpets and a tongue twisting rap.  If The Anomalies have got a whole albums worth of material as good as these two cuts, expect number one albums/singles, Brit awards and the skies the limit.

Click here to buy the physical single from Juno Records or click here to download ‘Employee Of The Month’ from 7Digital (There’s a free song called ‘Howz That’ too!).

Check the Website for more downloads and video clips:

The Anomalies Website / The Anomalies MySpace


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