THE CRIBS – Moving Pictures (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

Wichita WEBB128SCD / WEBB128S / WEBB128SX: 30th July 2007
1. Moving Pictures (Original / Live At The Astoria)
“Liars, fakes and stars of moving pictures, what’s the difference, like all the parts that I’m not into, but I see in you”
2. Get Yr Hands Out Of My Grave
“You were drawn to me, but I’ll never be drawn to you, and you know why, get your hands out of my grave”
3. Run A Mile (Early Demo)
“I’ll nod my head, but won’t agree, I’d never seen that side to me”
4. Men’s Needs (CSS Remix)
“Have you noticed, I’ve never been impressed by your friends from New York and London, I’ll level accusations like the press, ’til you realise that you’ve dressed yourself in tatters”
5. Another Number (Live At The Astoria)
“I’m alone and I’m cold, just another number on another row, and I never knew my name”

‘Moving Pictures’ is a bouncy Pop-Rock single like the short-sharp classics that Ash used to make in the early days.  Behind the rumbling buzz-saw Guitars and catchy “Woo-oh-oh-oh” bits lurks a sneering anti-celebrity vocal (There’s an inessential live version too).

‘Get Yr Hands Out Of My Grave’ sounds like a Strokes song played by a band who’ve grown up listening to fellow Yorkshire band Pulp (Which is probably what they did!).  ‘Run A Mile’ is unmistakably a demo and perhaps it should’ve remained unreleased.  CSS seem to be everywhere at the moment and that’s a good thing when they do remixes like the one here.  It sticks closely to the original tone of ‘Men’s Needs’ but replaces most of the gritty Guitars with shiny Electro-Pop bleeps and hums.  I could see it going off if a DJ dropped it in a club.

The B-sides are finished off in style by a rapturously received live recording of ‘Another Number’.  It’s the track that, no matter what they do, The Cribs will always be remembered for.  You know they’ve written an anthem when you can hear the crowd singing the Guitar riff back at them football chant style.

Click here to buy the single, or click here to buy the album from HMV.

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Moving Pictures’ and last single ‘Men’s Needs’ on YouTube.

The Cribs – Another Number mp3

Once again, in case you missed this half-hour of comedy genius, here are links to watch Ryan Jarman on Buzzcocks via YouTube (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) or just click here to witness “The Live8 story”.

The Cribs Website / The Cribs MySpace


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