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August 16, 2007

JEGSY DODD – Only Football Can Truly Break Your Heart (CD Single)

Piffle Records: August 2007
1. Only Football Can Truly Break Your Heart
“That last minute goal off a wicked deflection, that horrid feeling of utter dejection, and when you see the joy in the away fan’s section, it’s hard to take, it’s hard”
2. The Day The World Stopped Working (Anthony Teasdale Remix)
“The butcher minced about the floor, the baker was off iz cake and a pressure salesman had been sold down the river, by a Samaritan on the make”
3. We Are Here To Help (‘Live’ At Pacific Rd Theatre, Birkenhead)
“The walls have ears, the hills have eyes, the mouth of the river it speaks no lies, the foot of the stairs, the head of the queue, the finger of fate is pointing at you”

Since I’m in the 1% of heterosexual English males that would have to really get worked up to even frown about football, never mind get my heart broken by it, Jegsy Dodd’s new single doesn’t entirely work for me. But if football is your lifeblood, you’re gonna absolutely love it.

The first B-side is a remix of ‘The Day The World Stopped Working’, which had to one of the best tracks from Jegsy Dodd’s last album. The amount of lyrical puns he manages to squeeze into a few minutes is truly astounding. He should be the Poet-Laureate for tracks like this. The Remix isn’t significantly different, it’s slightly more laid-back but then the original sounded fairly hypnotically wasted. The brilliant live version of ‘We Are Here To Help’ cranks up the Funk for a thrilling Happy Mondays sound. Anything with a line like “The most serene scene I’ve ever seen is a scene from Mr. Bean” has got to be good.

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