ZZT – Lower State Of Consciousness (12″ Single)

Turbo TURBO043: 20th August 2007
1. Lower State Of Consciousness (Original Munich Version)
2. Lower State Of Consciousness (Justice Remix)

The original version of ‘Lower State Of Consciousness’ is a slow-burning minimal mix of Deep Bass, rumbling fuzz and arcade-machine sound effects. It sounds much as you might expect from a collaboration between Zombie Nation and Tiga but it’s nothing that special.

However, the ‘Justice Remix’ is something else all together, sounding like a ZX-Spectrum crashing, rebooting and deciding it’s a Synthesiser. At times it’s like Morsecode, at times it’s like the sound of old dial-up modems and at times it’s like the most fucked-up cut-to-pieces remix you’ve ever heard. Those Justice boys have done it again and created another contender for Remix of the year (Check out their incredible remix of Franz Ferdinand from 2006 below). You’ve gotta have this tune!

Click here to buy the 12″ from Juno Records.

Tiga – (Far From) Home (Digitalism Remix) mp3
Franz Ferdinand – The Fallen (Ruined By Justice) mp3

Click here to buy the deluxe version of Tiga’s ‘Sexor’ album for only £9.99.

Tiga MySpace / Zombie Nation Website / Justice MySpace / Turbo MySpace


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