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September 29, 2007

VARIOUS PRODUCTION – Phortune / Limbs (7″ Single)

Various Production VARS015: 17th September 2007
1. Phortune
“There’s fortune in my name, currency in letters, if this life is just a game, I’ll try to play it better”
2. Limbs
“Sitting by the bed, I can see through her skin, she can hardly breath a word, her body is so thin”

Apparently, Various Production were commissioned to do a Remix of Emma Pollock’s (Formerly of The Delgados) ‘Limbs’ which was rejected when they replaced Emma’s music and vocal (Meaning it was basically a cover).  However, since their version of ‘Limbs’ was so good they reworked another Pollock track called ‘Fortune’ and put both productions on this beautifully packaged 7″.

‘Phortune’ is a delicious mix of Grimey beats (A touch of Re-e-wind) and sweetly sultry vocals.  ‘Limbs’ has the eerie sound of Radiohead and Massive Attack at a creepy midnight fairground.  Both tunes are totally different and totally wonderful, improving on the originals in every way.

Click here to buy the single from Rough Trade.

Various Production – Took mp3
Emma Pollock & Louise Welsh – Jesus On The Cross mp3

Click here to buy Emma Pollock’s ‘Watch The Fireworks’ album from HMV.

Various Production Website / Emma Pollock MySpace

September 25, 2007

LACK OF AFRO – When The Sun Goes Down (7″ Single)

Freestyle FSR7039: 17th September 2007
1. When The Sun Goes Down
2. Spooky

I’m a sucker for these Funk cover 45s and this is one of the best.  First up is a reworking of Arctic Monkey’s ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ (aka ‘Scummy Man’).  Lack Of Afro have turned it into thrilling chase music from a Blaxploitation film, which is bizarrely set in Sheffield.  ‘Spooky’ is a cover of the Dusty Springfield classic with crashing Mark Ronson style Drums, a gorgeous Sax solo and furious marching band madness towards the end.  Either song makes this 7″ essential.

Click here to download mp3s of the single from DanceTrackDigital.

Lack Of Afro – The Root Down mp3 (Unreleased)
Arctic Monkeys – Chun Li’s Spinning Bird Kick mp3 (There own funky instrumental)

Click here to buy Lack Of Afro’s ‘Press On’ album from HMV.

Lack Of Afro Website / Lack Of Afro MySpace / Lack of Afro Remixes MySpace

September 24, 2007

DAN LE SAC VS SCROOBIUS PIP – The Beat That My Heart Skipped (CD Single)

Lex LEX054CD: 10th September 2007
1. The Beat That My Heart Skipped (Original / Jel Remix / Yila’s Post Traumatic Soul Remix)
“Every now and then I cower, and I need to find empowerment, empowerment is paramount, to how I can begin to mount, a plan that I can implement, to make a dent on ignorance, instead of drunk belligerence, dissidence and miscreants”

The new single from Scroob and Dan Le Sac is a delirious mix of sliced-and-diced acoustic Guitars, crunching Synths and monks chanting.  Scroobius Pip’s vocal is so relentless that it’ll take a few listens to even discern the meaning, never mind notice all of his lyrical gynastics.  The two remixes on the B-side are also fantastic.  Jel’s version is a mix of swirling Electronics and grinding Industrial Metal.  Yila’s ‘Post Traumatic Soul Remix’ sounds like the soundtrack to ‘Nine Inch Nails: The Arcade Game’ (If there was such a thing).

Click here to buy ‘The Beat That My Heart Skipped’ from HMV.

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip – Fixed mp3
Jel – To Buy A Car mp3
Yila – Ivory Tower mp3

Click here to watch the video for ‘The Beat That My Heart Skipped’ on YouTube.

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip MySpace / Jel MySpace / Yila MySpace

September 24, 2007

THE WHITE STRIPES – You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told) (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

XL Recordings XLS293CD: 10th September 2007
1. You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told) (Original / Frat Rock Version / Acoustic Version)
“In some respects, I suspect you’ve got a respectable side, when pushed and pulled and pressured, you seldom run and hide”
2. A Martyr For My Love For You (Acoustic Version)
“My dumb-love fake competence was getting weak, for a sec’ I thought I sounded sweet, but sure ‘nough in a gruff faint voice, I heard myself speak”

The second ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told)’ exploded out of my speakers, I knew it had to be the next single from the brilliant ‘Icky Thump’ album. At it’s heart is a beautifully written Pop tune but it also manages to catch the rabid energy of a White Stripes live performance.  It features some of Jack’s most violent Guitar playing, a brooding Organ sound and the trademark squealing axe solo.

There are no new songs on the B-side which is a shame but the quality of the alternate versions, almost makes up for it.  The ‘Frat Rock’ version of the A-side is a looser, Organ-heavy performance and the Acoustic version is rather lovely.  There’s also an acoustic version of ‘A Martyr For My Love For You’ which perhaps works better with the melancholy lyrics than the electric album version.

Click here to buy the single from HMV.

Here are The White Stripes’ three best non-LP singles (Including ‘Hand Springs’, one of the best singles ever released!):

The White Stripes – Hand Springs mp3
The White Stripes – Party Of Special Things To Do mp3
The White Stripes – Red Death At 6.14 mp3

Click here to buy ‘ Icky Thump’ (If you haven’t got it already due to a lack of good judgement) from HMV for a super-cheap £6.99.

Click here to watch the video for ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told)’ on YouTube.

The White Stripes Website / The White Stripes MySpace / Triple Tremelo Fansite

September 23, 2007

MISTY’S BIG ADVENTURE – I Can’t Bring The Time Back / Serious Thing (7″ Single)

Label Fandango GALAGOS014: 10th September 2007
1. I Can’t Bring The Time Back
“One night when it’s pitch black, I’ll lie on the train track, ’cause I can’t bring the time back no, oh no, and I can’t bring you back”
2. Serious Thing
“Why do we pretend, when we both know it’s the end, and I’ll never telephone, never telephone, leave you alone and I’ll never telephone”

Hurrah, a new 7″ from Grandmaster Gareth and the gang beamed straight from planet bizzaro-pop. ‘I Can’t Bring The Time Back’ sounds new and wonderful and yet like an old nursery rhyme that I’ve heard a hundred times.  The lyrics are full of regret which makes an amusing contrast with the jaunty Brass and twinkling Xylophone.  ‘Serious Thing’ is like a mad fairground ride into ‘Ghost Town’ with Kevin Rowland.

When is the world gonna wake up to the Pop delights that Misty’s Big Adventure keep serving up… hopefully when new album ‘Funny Times’ comes out in November!

Click here to buy Misty’s Big Adventure records from HMV.

You can download a load of Misty’s Big Adventure music from 7Digital by clicking here (Including this single).

Click here to watch the hilarious video for ‘Fashion Parade’ on YouTube.

Here are three number one singles by Misty’s Big Adventure (They would’ve been in a sane universe, anyway):

Misty’s Big Adventure – Fashion Parade (Feat. Jeremy Vine) mp3
Misty’s Big Adventure – The Story Of Love mp3
Misty’s Big Adventure – She Fills The Spaces mp3

Misty’s Big Adventure Website / Misty’s Big Adventure MySpace

September 23, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Murder Mystery – Love Astronaut mp3

“I’m the captain of a ship, boy an astronaut in space, travelling the universe, and searchin’ for a pretty face, I’ve been looking on high, checkin’ below the lows, but the only thing I find is myself still alone”

‘Love Astronaut’ is a minimal yet melodically rich Pop gem with an unstoppably catchy chorus.  It’s like fellow New Yorkers The Strokes fed on sweets and lemonade and if somebody would only give Murder Mystery a UK deal, I think ‘Love Astronaut’ could be a hit.  Check out their album, which is stuffed with similar treats.

Murder Mystery – Love Astronaut mp3

Click here to buy the ‘Are You Ready For The Heartache Cause Here It Comes’ album from Insound.

Visit their Website for another free mp3.

Murder Mystery Website / Murder Mystery MySpace

September 22, 2007

iLiKETRAiNS – The Deception (CD Single)

Beggars Banquet BBQ409CD: 10th September 2007
1. The Deception
“They said it couldn’t be done, and so it seems I proved them all wrong, a slight of hand, I have become the chosen one”
2. Joshua
3. Victress
“My dreams are too big for my landlocked world to contain, here I sit with head in hands, I sing elegies to lessons I will never learn”

As with most iLiKETRAiNS releases, the songs are of a historical nature and relate directly to each other. The subject of this song cycle being the varying fortunes of three competitors in the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe boat race to circumnavigate the globe non-stop. I recognise that iLiKETRAiNS’ darkly brooding, history-book-scouring drone-Rock mightn’t be to everyone’s taste, but I adore it.

‘The Deception’ chronicles Donald Crowhurst’s attempt to fake his positions in the race, his declining mental condition and his presumed suicide. ‘Joshua’ was the boat belonging to Bernard Moitessier’ who withdrew from the race (Which he was leading) because he saw it becoming too commercial but sailed on regardless, non-stop for a few months. ‘Victress’ was Nigel Tetley’s boat which sank when he pushed it too hard because he thought Crowhurst was going to beat him (If he’d taken it easy he would’ve presumably won). Tetley committed suicide three years later while preparing to re-attempt his circumnavigate of the globe.

Click here to buy ‘The Deception’ from HMV or click here to pre-order the new ‘Elegies To Lessons Learnt’ album from HMV for only £8.99.

iLiKETRAiNS – Terra Nova mp3 (About Scott’s doomed Antarctic expedition)
iLiKETRAiNS – Fram mp3 (Companion piece to ‘Terra Nova’)
iLiKETRAiNS – I Am Murdered mp3 (Companion B-side to album track ‘Spencer Perceval’)

Click here to watch the video for ‘The Deception’ on YouTube.

Click here to buy the ‘Deep Water’ DVD from HMV (Documentary about Crowhurst) or click here to watch the trailer on YouTube.

iLiKETRAiNS Website / iLiKETRAiNS MySpace

September 20, 2007


Degenerate Music DM004SEP: 3rd September 2007
1. In The Garden
“But then as soon as we did take a bite, I’m feeling tense and something was not quite right, I turned to Eve and said what have we done, she said, she don’t know but it feels so wrong”
2. You Say You’re The Doctor But I Know You’re The Mister
“When the fever takes hold of me, that’s when I’m free, that’s when I’m free”
3. Terrible Night
“How do you tell apart, a good, goodnight from the dark, I’m up the garden path, you led me there, right from the start”
4. Horses Can Swim
“Why the long face, why not throw you’re life into the waves for gods”

As soon as the primitive Drums started beating on ‘In The Garden’ I was glad to have TEMBD’s brand of B-movie-horror-Metal back. But when Guy McKnight’s Deep operatic vocals came in, I was down on my knees praising the dark lord that TEMBD had returned after almost three long years (Excepting some spectacular MySpace demos, two of which below) to put the freakshow back into music. ‘In The Garden’ is the story of Adam and Eve set to music far more darkly tempting than any fruit the devil could proffer.

‘In The Garden’ is backed by three more brilliant but far more rabid B-sides. ‘You Say You’re The Doctor But I Know You’re The Mister’ hurtles along at such a pace that I could barely make out any of the lyrics, although I did hear the first line as “Turnip, I’ll throw myself into a soup, and now gravy”. I suspect that may be wrong but I love the song regardless. ‘Terrible Night’ is a punishing vampyric song with catchy shouts of “An-an-an-another terrible night!”. ‘Horses Can Swim’ is the story of Sonora Carver the horse diver. The Disney film about her life was probably more family friendly.

The EP comes with a bonus 10 track live album called ‘Live In The Arena Of The Unwell’. If that’s not enough, you get a free foldout ouijaboard too!

Click here to buy ‘In The Garden’ from HMV.

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – I Hate The Blues (Demo) mp3
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Love Turns To Hate (Demo) mp3

Click here to watch the sensational video for ‘In The Garden’, click here to watch Guy’s legendary appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and click here to watch the ‘Nanageddon’ song from obvious TEMBD fans, The Mighty Boosh.

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster MySpace / The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster Fansite

September 20, 2007

EDITORS – An End Has A Start (2x CD Singles)

Kitchenware Records SKCD95/SKCD952: 3rd September 2007
1. An End Has A Start (Original / Jacknife Lee Remix / The Whip Remix / Boom Bip Remix)
“I don’t think that it’s gonna rain again today, there’s a devil at your side, but an angel on her way”
2. Open Up
“Open up now angel, there is a place in my heart, chin up sweetness, there is a space in my heart, for you”

‘An End Has A Start’ stood out as a single from the first listen of Editors’ new album.  Tom Smith’s vocal performance is one of his most powerful, shot through with equal measures of sadness and hope.  ‘Open Up’ is yet another beautiful B-side to add to my Editor’s collection.  Tom’s contented humming and the soothing way he sings “You are home” make for a wonderfully tranquil song.

The Remixes are all pretty good but nothing essential.  Jacknife Lee’s Remix and The Whip’s Remix are fairly unrecognisable aggressive Electro reworks.  Boom Bip’s Remix is the best of the three, retaining the vocal and creating a gothic Kraftwerk backdrop.

Click here to buy ‘An End Has A Start’ from HMV.

Here are three quality Editor’s cover versions:

Editors – French Disko mp3 (Stereolab)
Editors – Orange Crush mp3 (R.E.M.)
Editors – Road To Nowhere mp3 (Talking Heads)

My zip of Editor’s brilliant MTV acoustic set is still available by clicking here (37mb).

Click here to watch the video for ‘An End Has A Start’ on YouTube.

Editors Website / Editors MySpace

September 20, 2007

KOKOLO – Our Own Thing (7″ Single)

Freestyle FSR7036: 3rd September 2007
Our Own Thing (Original / Instrumental)
“So let me be specific, while you listen, we got all this under control, I got what you missin'”

‘Our Own Thing’ is like a lost Stereo MC’s classic, back from when they could still write classics.  The Guitars are furiously funky, the Organ is atmospheric, the Brass is red hot and the Drums beat out an irresistible samba.  You can dial right in to the groove with the superb Instrumental or hear place-name shout-outs on the vocal version.  If James Brown had been born in Cuba he might’ve produced something like this.

Click here to buy the 7″ or click here to download mp3s of the single.

Click here to buy Kokolo’s new ‘Love International’ album from HMV for only £9.99.

Kokolo Website / Kokolo MySpace