EUGENE FRANCIS JNR – Poor Me (7″ Single)

Legion Presents LEGION001: 23rd July 2007
1. Poor Me
“It’s not the gravity that’s pulling you down, more like the demons living underground, may your light shine, liberate minds, I favour tigers but I celebrate cowards, don’t want a world where religion is power”
2. Kites
“I’ll touch on the ideals which you’ve always meant, but without your air of fragrance there’s no scent… and my kite comes down”

‘Poor Me’ is where the uplifting Orchestral Pop of The Polyphonic Spree meets the Laptronic beauty of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.  ‘Kites’ is closer to a Traditional Folk sound than the A-side, recalling Jeff Buckley and Bright Eyes.  Both songs touch on the problems that beset our world but leave you feeling that they can all be overcome.

Click here to download the single from 7Digital or click here to buy the 7″ from RoughTrade.

Eugene Francis Jnr – Kites mp3

Here are links to videos for ‘Poor Me’ and ‘Kites’ on YouTube.

Eugene Francis Jnr MySpace


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