MP3 OF THE WEEK: Mr Benn (Feat. MC Souls Liberation) – The Jump mp3

“We entertain wid unity, love and da peace, so the vibes that we carry, shall surely increase, give thanks and praises to the most high and we sing this-a song while we look up to the sky”

I loved Mr Benn’s ‘A Message To ODB’ mashup (Under his Mr Blennd moniker) but I’m just hearing ‘The Jump’ (It was included on an EP from last year) after finding it on a recent Leisure Recordings label-sampler CD. ‘The Jump’ mixes and scratches up a summery blend of Latin Guitar, New-Orleans house-party Piano, Dub, Hip-Hop, Punk-Funk Bass, sexy Brass, Rave whistles and even eastern strings. If you listen hard enough you can almost hear every record in there. Over the top, MC Souls Liberation shouts out an irresistible call and response of “I say yes, you say yes”.

Mr Benn (Feat. MC Souls Liberation) – The Jump mp3

Click here to buy the Leisure Recordings sampler from Juno Records.

Click here to download a few Mr Benn mixes.

Click here to download the EP that ‘The Jump’ came from.

Leisure Recordings Website / Leisure Recordings MySpace / Mr Benn MySpace

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