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September 8, 2007

BATTLE – Paper Street (CD & 7″ Singles)

Transgressive TRANS054CD / TRANS054: 27th August 2007
1. Paper Street
“I’ve been waiting here for ages, when we holler, you say that you don’t hear a thing, we’re panicking, I wonder if there’d be some calm, when every star and asteroid has carried on, despite the residents here on paper street”
2. North Sea (Russell Lissack Remix)
“Oh my darling, I could sell my soul gladly, I could tell you all the things, you never thought to ask”
3. Stop
“The holidays never felt so long, been spending whole days wondering if you’ve changed, changed your hair, bought a car, cooked a meal from scratch”

I’m not entirely certain which address ‘Paper Street’ is referencing, Wallstreet or Fleetstreet but the lyric works equally well for both. Jason Bavanandan’s vocal is another graceful evocation of Robert Smith but the music something different. It reminds me more of the finely crafted Pop-Rock of Coldplay, U2 or even Keane, rather than the angular sounds of Bloc Party or Gang Of Four. This more laid-back acoustic sound compliments the unspoken anger of the words, producing one of Battle’s best ever songs.

On the B-side Russell Lissack from Bloc Party has turned in one hell of a Remix with a funky Indie-Dance rhythm. The vocals float Moz-like over the top and there’s also a tranquil chillout bit in the middle, complete with backwards tape-loops and seagull sound effects. ‘Stop’ is a song criticising married life but when Jason can sing “Marry me” so beautifully he’s probably destined to have everybody want to drag him to the alter. Again it’s one of the best things that Battle have produced, so perhaps they’re finally living up to the potential that they showed on the ‘Demons’ single… just in time for the new album!

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