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September 10, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Sonny Jim – Can’t Stop Moving mp3

“Feel something movin’ all over me, whatever it is, no man can see, from the crown of my head, to the soul of my feet, spirit is movin’, spirit is movin’, spirit is movin’ all over me”

After searching around the web I was unable to track down what songs ‘Can’t Stop Moving’ samples but it sounds like a Jackson 5 vocal (Although I understand it isn’t, somebody clear it up for the love of god?!).  It’s one of those insanely catchy and almost-cheesy Disco-Pop singles that you’ll sicken yourself on like too many Skittles.  ‘Are You Ready For Love?’ was one, ‘Move Your Feet’ was another and now we’ve got Sonny Jim’s (aka Sonny J) sublime ‘Can’t Stop Moving’.  If you listen to it once, you’ll listen to it a hundred times.

Sonny Jim – Can’t Stop Moving mp3

Here are links to the official dance vid or to the superior Jackson 5 based fan video on YouTube.

I’ve spent the last few days without an Internet connection, allowing me to experience what it must have been like in the middle ages.  To celebrate my return to the 21st century, here are three bonus tracks that deserve to be Mp3s of the week too.

In 1994 Beastie Boys sampled Jimmy Smith’s sizzling ‘Root Down (And Get It)’ and now they give something back by creating an equally funky instrumental for future generations to sample.

Beastie Boys – Electric Worm mp3

When this Remix of Klaxons came out in April it sounded fantastic but suddenly this week I decided it was one of the greatest six minutes ever recorded.

Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow (Soulwax Remix) mp3

I haven’t got round to delving into the discography of respected 70s Folkie Linda Thompson but when I heard the title track from her new solo album I was bowled over.  A curious mix of lushly produced Country, fine songwriting and a coal-miner’s Brass-band.

Linda Thompson – Versatile Heart mp3

Sonny Jim MySpace