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September 15, 2007

THE HAT – Less Of A Lover (7″ Single)

Sunday Best SBESTS48: 3rd September 2007
1. Less Of A Lover
“I cry in anger, for it’s the closest I got to reaching within, it’s like I’m danglin’ over the precipice, unsure of whether or not to fall in”
2. Wolves
“See I was cooking up some tracks in my laboratory, cutting up Beethoven’s ninth with The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be'”

This is another satisfyingly odd 7″ to follow up June’s ‘Open Hearts’ single but this couldn’t sound more different. The spoken vocal on ‘Less Of A Lover’ is laid back to the pint of being catatonic. The intense finish is like Scroobius Pip channeling the ghost of Jeff Buckley with shades of everyone from Bjork to Led Zeppelin. ‘Wolves’ is just as good, starting off as creepy Jazz then morphing into bizarre Folk-Funk-Hip-Hop and topping it off with some rarely heard skat singing. God knows what the next single from The Hat will sound like but I’ll be buying it anyway.

Click here to download the single from TuneTribe.

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Click here to watch a live performance of ‘Less Of A Lover’ on YouTube.

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