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September 20, 2007


Degenerate Music DM004SEP: 3rd September 2007
1. In The Garden
“But then as soon as we did take a bite, I’m feeling tense and something was not quite right, I turned to Eve and said what have we done, she said, she don’t know but it feels so wrong”
2. You Say You’re The Doctor But I Know You’re The Mister
“When the fever takes hold of me, that’s when I’m free, that’s when I’m free”
3. Terrible Night
“How do you tell apart, a good, goodnight from the dark, I’m up the garden path, you led me there, right from the start”
4. Horses Can Swim
“Why the long face, why not throw you’re life into the waves for gods”

As soon as the primitive Drums started beating on ‘In The Garden’ I was glad to have TEMBD’s brand of B-movie-horror-Metal back. But when Guy McKnight’s Deep operatic vocals came in, I was down on my knees praising the dark lord that TEMBD had returned after almost three long years (Excepting some spectacular MySpace demos, two of which below) to put the freakshow back into music. ‘In The Garden’ is the story of Adam and Eve set to music far more darkly tempting than any fruit the devil could proffer.

‘In The Garden’ is backed by three more brilliant but far more rabid B-sides. ‘You Say You’re The Doctor But I Know You’re The Mister’ hurtles along at such a pace that I could barely make out any of the lyrics, although I did hear the first line as “Turnip, I’ll throw myself into a soup, and now gravy”. I suspect that may be wrong but I love the song regardless. ‘Terrible Night’ is a punishing vampyric song with catchy shouts of “An-an-an-another terrible night!”. ‘Horses Can Swim’ is the story of Sonora Carver the horse diver. The Disney film about her life was probably more family friendly.

The EP comes with a bonus 10 track live album called ‘Live In The Arena Of The Unwell’. If that’s not enough, you get a free foldout ouijaboard too!

Click here to buy ‘In The Garden’ from HMV.

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – I Hate The Blues (Demo) mp3
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Love Turns To Hate (Demo) mp3

Click here to watch the sensational video for ‘In The Garden’, click here to watch Guy’s legendary appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and click here to watch the ‘Nanageddon’ song from obvious TEMBD fans, The Mighty Boosh.

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster MySpace / The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster Fansite

September 20, 2007

EDITORS – An End Has A Start (2x CD Singles)

Kitchenware Records SKCD95/SKCD952: 3rd September 2007
1. An End Has A Start (Original / Jacknife Lee Remix / The Whip Remix / Boom Bip Remix)
“I don’t think that it’s gonna rain again today, there’s a devil at your side, but an angel on her way”
2. Open Up
“Open up now angel, there is a place in my heart, chin up sweetness, there is a space in my heart, for you”

‘An End Has A Start’ stood out as a single from the first listen of Editors’ new album.  Tom Smith’s vocal performance is one of his most powerful, shot through with equal measures of sadness and hope.  ‘Open Up’ is yet another beautiful B-side to add to my Editor’s collection.  Tom’s contented humming and the soothing way he sings “You are home” make for a wonderfully tranquil song.

The Remixes are all pretty good but nothing essential.  Jacknife Lee’s Remix and The Whip’s Remix are fairly unrecognisable aggressive Electro reworks.  Boom Bip’s Remix is the best of the three, retaining the vocal and creating a gothic Kraftwerk backdrop.

Click here to buy ‘An End Has A Start’ from HMV.

Here are three quality Editor’s cover versions:

Editors – French Disko mp3 (Stereolab)
Editors – Orange Crush mp3 (R.E.M.)
Editors – Road To Nowhere mp3 (Talking Heads)

My zip of Editor’s brilliant MTV acoustic set is still available by clicking here (37mb).

Click here to watch the video for ‘An End Has A Start’ on YouTube.

Editors Website / Editors MySpace

September 20, 2007

KOKOLO – Our Own Thing (7″ Single)

Freestyle FSR7036: 3rd September 2007
Our Own Thing (Original / Instrumental)
“So let me be specific, while you listen, we got all this under control, I got what you missin'”

‘Our Own Thing’ is like a lost Stereo MC’s classic, back from when they could still write classics.  The Guitars are furiously funky, the Organ is atmospheric, the Brass is red hot and the Drums beat out an irresistible samba.  You can dial right in to the groove with the superb Instrumental or hear place-name shout-outs on the vocal version.  If James Brown had been born in Cuba he might’ve produced something like this.

Click here to buy the 7″ or click here to download mp3s of the single.

Click here to buy Kokolo’s new ‘Love International’ album from HMV for only £9.99.

Kokolo Website / Kokolo MySpace

September 20, 2007

THE RUMBLE STRIPS – Girls & Boys In Love (CD & 12″ Singles)

Fallout 1745159/1745161: 3rd September 2007
1. Girls & Boys In Love (Original / Hot Chip Remix / Devil’s Gun Remix / David E. Sugar ‘Shameless Mix’ / MarC Leaf Remix)
“Move to the city, loose all your heart, she weren’t that pretty, you ain’t too smart”
2. The Boys Are Back In Town
“Every Friday they’d be dressed to kill, down at Dino’s bar and grill, the drink will flow and blood will spill”

The melody and Piano line of ‘Girls & Boys In Love’ is so distinctive and summery you’ll be nodding your head and whistling along.  It’s just another classic single to add to The Rumble Strips’ near faultless discography.  Unfortunately the Remixes don’t attain the same effortless heights of Pop perfection.  Hot Chip go for a pleasant enough slow Dub sound, Devil’s Gun cut the song up in a really annoying way and MarC Leaf’s version is too repetitive.  David E. Sugar’s Mix is the best of the four, layering on scuzzy beats but retaining that great Piano sound.

It’s the cover of ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ that makes this release really worth buying.  They’ve replaced all the Guitars with Brass, sounding like vintage Dexys.  The Rumble Strips have managed to inject something fresh into a great song, that’s grown stale from overexposure.  I love the way Charlie Waller sings “Red hot” and just listen to the electrifying wail he does at the end.

Click here to buy the new earth-shatteringly awesome ‘Girls & Weather’ album from HMV for a mere £8.99.

Here are two essential B-sides that didn’t make it on to the new album:

The Rumble Strips – High Street Heaven mp3
The Rumble Strips – My Oh My mp3

Click here to watch the zombietastic video for ‘Girls & Boys In Love’ on YouTube.

The Rumble Strips Website / The Rumble Strips MySpace