EDITORS – An End Has A Start (2x CD Singles)

Kitchenware Records SKCD95/SKCD952: 3rd September 2007
1. An End Has A Start (Original / Jacknife Lee Remix / The Whip Remix / Boom Bip Remix)
“I don’t think that it’s gonna rain again today, there’s a devil at your side, but an angel on her way”
2. Open Up
“Open up now angel, there is a place in my heart, chin up sweetness, there is a space in my heart, for you”

‘An End Has A Start’ stood out as a single from the first listen of Editors’ new album.  Tom Smith’s vocal performance is one of his most powerful, shot through with equal measures of sadness and hope.  ‘Open Up’ is yet another beautiful B-side to add to my Editor’s collection.  Tom’s contented humming and the soothing way he sings “You are home” make for a wonderfully tranquil song.

The Remixes are all pretty good but nothing essential.  Jacknife Lee’s Remix and The Whip’s Remix are fairly unrecognisable aggressive Electro reworks.  Boom Bip’s Remix is the best of the three, retaining the vocal and creating a gothic Kraftwerk backdrop.

Click here to buy ‘An End Has A Start’ from HMV.

Here are three quality Editor’s cover versions:

Editors – French Disko mp3 (Stereolab)
Editors – Orange Crush mp3 (R.E.M.)
Editors – Road To Nowhere mp3 (Talking Heads)

My zip of Editor’s brilliant MTV acoustic set is still available by clicking here (37mb).

Click here to watch the video for ‘An End Has A Start’ on YouTube.

Editors Website / Editors MySpace

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