THE RUMBLE STRIPS – Girls & Boys In Love (CD & 12″ Singles)

Fallout 1745159/1745161: 3rd September 2007
1. Girls & Boys In Love (Original / Hot Chip Remix / Devil’s Gun Remix / David E. Sugar ‘Shameless Mix’ / MarC Leaf Remix)
“Move to the city, loose all your heart, she weren’t that pretty, you ain’t too smart”
2. The Boys Are Back In Town
“Every Friday they’d be dressed to kill, down at Dino’s bar and grill, the drink will flow and blood will spill”

The melody and Piano line of ‘Girls & Boys In Love’ is so distinctive and summery you’ll be nodding your head and whistling along.  It’s just another classic single to add to The Rumble Strips’ near faultless discography.  Unfortunately the Remixes don’t attain the same effortless heights of Pop perfection.  Hot Chip go for a pleasant enough slow Dub sound, Devil’s Gun cut the song up in a really annoying way and MarC Leaf’s version is too repetitive.  David E. Sugar’s Mix is the best of the four, layering on scuzzy beats but retaining that great Piano sound.

It’s the cover of ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ that makes this release really worth buying.  They’ve replaced all the Guitars with Brass, sounding like vintage Dexys.  The Rumble Strips have managed to inject something fresh into a great song, that’s grown stale from overexposure.  I love the way Charlie Waller sings “Red hot” and just listen to the electrifying wail he does at the end.

Click here to buy the new earth-shatteringly awesome ‘Girls & Weather’ album from HMV for a mere £8.99.

Here are two essential B-sides that didn’t make it on to the new album:

The Rumble Strips – High Street Heaven mp3
The Rumble Strips – My Oh My mp3

Click here to watch the zombietastic video for ‘Girls & Boys In Love’ on YouTube.

The Rumble Strips Website / The Rumble Strips MySpace


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  1. I must disagree with your comments, I just don’t believe all the “truths” are clear. I did enjoy reading it, so keep at it!

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