MISTY’S BIG ADVENTURE – I Can’t Bring The Time Back / Serious Thing (7″ Single)

Label Fandango GALAGOS014: 10th September 2007
1. I Can’t Bring The Time Back
“One night when it’s pitch black, I’ll lie on the train track, ’cause I can’t bring the time back no, oh no, and I can’t bring you back”
2. Serious Thing
“Why do we pretend, when we both know it’s the end, and I’ll never telephone, never telephone, leave you alone and I’ll never telephone”

Hurrah, a new 7″ from Grandmaster Gareth and the gang beamed straight from planet bizzaro-pop. ‘I Can’t Bring The Time Back’ sounds new and wonderful and yet like an old nursery rhyme that I’ve heard a hundred times.  The lyrics are full of regret which makes an amusing contrast with the jaunty Brass and twinkling Xylophone.  ‘Serious Thing’ is like a mad fairground ride into ‘Ghost Town’ with Kevin Rowland.

When is the world gonna wake up to the Pop delights that Misty’s Big Adventure keep serving up… hopefully when new album ‘Funny Times’ comes out in November!

Click here to buy Misty’s Big Adventure records from HMV.

You can download a load of Misty’s Big Adventure music from 7Digital by clicking here (Including this single).

Click here to watch the hilarious video for ‘Fashion Parade’ on YouTube.

Here are three number one singles by Misty’s Big Adventure (They would’ve been in a sane universe, anyway):

Misty’s Big Adventure – Fashion Parade (Feat. Jeremy Vine) mp3
Misty’s Big Adventure – The Story Of Love mp3
Misty’s Big Adventure – She Fills The Spaces mp3

Misty’s Big Adventure Website / Misty’s Big Adventure MySpace

One Comment to “MISTY’S BIG ADVENTURE – I Can’t Bring The Time Back / Serious Thing (7″ Single)”

  1. for 15 Marc Malone:Y’all are missing the most salient point to this survey. To wit: How in the heck did they get so many danged Indies on this survey, and so few Dems?

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