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October 2, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Gene Vincent – Crazy Beat mp3

“Everybody Snap your fingers, everybody stomp your feet, and everybody clap your hands, let’s move to the rhythm of a crazy beat”

It’s not just Oasis who blatantly rip off classic songs. It was 1963 when Gene Vincent recorded this sexy two minute song that is so clearly in debt to Little Willie John’s song ‘Fever’ (Recorded in 1956).  I just bought Andrew Weatherall’s ‘Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi’ Compilation and this was one of the great tracks from it.  There are other fantastic songs from Joe Boot, The Milkshakes and The Cramps.  I highly recommend picking up a copy.

Gene Vincent – Crazy Beat mp3

Click here to buy ‘Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi’ from HMV.

As a bonus, here’s Elvis Presley’s smokin’ version of ‘Fever’:

Elvis Presley – Fever mp3

Gene Vincent Website