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October 3, 2007

THE YOUNG REPUBLIC – Modern Plays (7″ Single)

End Of The Road EOTR0004: 17th September 2007
1. Modern Plays
“He won’t put politics above a sympathetic smile and blonde hair”
2. Between October & December
“Treasure the things you get to start new, I could love this girl and she might love me too”

‘Modern Plays’ is a staggering combination of finely-tuned Kinks songwriting, Nick Drake folk, Belle & Sebastian sweetness, a violent Pixies undercurrent, insane Drums and crackly old Gramophone records.  ‘Between October & December’ is a simpler affair than the A-side but no less beautiful.  The vocal is achingly beautiful, the Strings flow majestically and the gorgeous Oboe and Fuzz-Guitar solos are like warm summer breezes.  The Young Republic are clearly a band positively exploding with ideas so I await their next release with no small amount of excitement.

Click here to buy ‘Modern Plays’ from Rough Trade.

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