THE YOUNG REPUBLIC – Modern Plays (7″ Single)

End Of The Road EOTR0004: 17th September 2007
1. Modern Plays
“He won’t put politics above a sympathetic smile and blonde hair”
2. Between October & December
“Treasure the things you get to start new, I could love this girl and she might love me too”

‘Modern Plays’ is a staggering combination of finely-tuned Kinks songwriting, Nick Drake folk, Belle & Sebastian sweetness, a violent Pixies undercurrent, insane Drums and crackly old Gramophone records.  ‘Between October & December’ is a simpler affair than the A-side but no less beautiful.  The vocal is achingly beautiful, the Strings flow majestically and the gorgeous Oboe and Fuzz-Guitar solos are like warm summer breezes.  The Young Republic are clearly a band positively exploding with ideas so I await their next release with no small amount of excitement.

Click here to buy ‘Modern Plays’ from Rough Trade.

The Young Republic – Blue Skies mp3
The Young Republic – Girl In A Tree (Radio Edit) mp3

Click here to watch the video for ‘Modern Plays’ on YouTube.

The Young Republic Website / The Young Republic MySpace


2 Comments to “THE YOUNG REPUBLIC – Modern Plays (7″ Single)”

  1. blue skies’ chorus sounds exactly like “new slang” by the shins

  2. Just checked out that Shins track. It’s fantastic and you’re right, there are one or two similarities.

    Ryan (StopMe)

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