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October 4, 2007

BABYSHAMBLES – Delivery (2x CDs & 7″ Singles)

Parlophone CDR6747/CDRS6747/R6747: 17th September 2007
1. Delivery
“So here comes a delivery, straight from the heart of my misery, here comes a delivery, straight from the heart, to you”
2. A Day Out In New Brighton
“You can’t blame everything on thin air, just try, who pays for that, me I s’ppose”
3. Stone Me
“Stone me, stone me, what a life”
4. I Wish (Mik’s Vocal Version)
“Sitting alone ‘most every night, watching those trains roll out of sight”
5. Torn
“If it’s true that you reap what you sow, then I’ve got it coming, oh yeah man I Know”

‘Delivery’ is a startling near-return to the form of The Libertines from Pete Doherty.  It’s built around the cheeky theft of the riff from The Kinks’ 1964 single ‘All Day & All Of The Night’.  The lyrics literally spell out Pete’s wish that this single should “Deliver” on the promise he showed in the beginning and that it should be “The song that’ll deliver me, straight from the harshness of misery”.  It’s powerful stuff and even though the Guitar solo reminded me of Neil Innes’ hilarious axeman-ship from ‘Canyons Of Your Mind’ it couldn’t spoil the feeling of relief and elation.

Sadly the B-sides don’t keep up the same high standard.  ‘A Day Out In New Brighton’ sounds like the band warming up, as Pete wakes up, mumbling some nonsense into the microphone and it finishes with a rush of cymbals as if you’ve just heard something auspicious.  ‘Stone Me’ is a reasonable attempt at one of those Reggae songs from ‘London’s Calling’.  ‘I Wish’ is an odd mix of Rockabilly and twee twenties radio balladry while ‘Torn’ is a pleasant enough acoustic song, like a demo from ‘Forever Changes’.  Oh well, we can’t expect Pete to run before he can walk.

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Here are three immortal Pete classics:

The Libertines – Don’t Look Back Into The Sun mp3
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Lastly click here to download a Zip (23mb) of my favourite Pete Doherty bootleg, 2004’s ‘Don’t Apologise, Acoustic Lullaby’ featuring the definitive recording of ‘Albion’ and an early version of new album track ‘UnBiloTitled’.

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