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October 26, 2007

ABDOMINAL – Abdominal Workout (12″ EP)

Antidote ANTTW1023: 1st October 2007
1. Abdominal Workout (Original / Instrumental / Acapella / Natural Self Remix / Natural Self Remix Instrumental)
“Well they say that ya never get a second chance to make that first impression, if that’s the case man, come on just give me you’re unadulterated attention”
2. Satan Music
“Circle Research, made the beat first, promptin’ these words, to fall like trees burn”

I’ve been listening to ‘Abdominal Workout’ on a constant loop since I first encountered the considerable talents of Abdominal five months ago, so it’s nice to see it get the single release it deserves. It’s one of those tracks where a rapper proclaims his superiority to the competition. They only really work if the skills of the performer justify the bragging, which of course in Abdominal’s case they do. The ‘Natural Self Remix’ has a live-funk-band sound and the production is warmer than the minimal Funk of the original. The EP is expanded with the inclusion of instrumentals of both versions of ‘Abdominal Workout’. Last up on the record is the down and dirty groove of exclusive new track ‘Satan Music’, which is every bit as good as the A-side (Plus it’s got an hilarious Darth Vader wank gag!).

Click here to buy Abdominal’s ‘Escape From The Pigeon Hole’ album from HMV.

DJ Format (Feat. Abdominal) – Vicious Battle Raps mp3

You can buy the 12″ from Phonica Records by clicking here or download the EP from TuneTribe by clicking here.

Click here to watch the wonderful ‘Abdominal Workout’ Video.

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