DAVID E. SUGAR – Chelsea Girls (12″ Single)

Brikabrak BRK008: 15th October 2007
1. Chelsea Girls
“Did you know that guy, the one covering both his eyes, well yer I knew him too, plastic folders hiding the truth”
2. I Still Like Your Clothes
“Even though you screw up, I still like your clothes, I like your look”

I saw David E. Sugar supporting Example a while back and I was totally blown away by his songs which sounded like classic hits on the first listen. His band was such a tight Funk unit, particularly his feather-in-hat wearing Bass player who cranked out solid Bass-lines one after another. Now when it comes to hearing him on record I have to confess to a twinge of disappointment. ‘Chelsea Girls’ is fantastic in an LCD Soundsystem/Chromeo way but it sounds like a soulful song hemmed in and constrained by affected, monochromatic Electronica.

‘I Still Like Your Clothes’ is much more like it, featuring a dirty Bass line purloined from Deep Purple that’ll make you screw your face up, move your body and play air Bass. It’s six minutes of bliss, complete with a woozy Acapella bit and David’s electrifying squeals of “Ooo!”. Your gonna love this record, but go see him live and hear what David E. Sugar is really capable of.

Click here to buy the 12″ from Rough Trade, click here to download ‘Chelsea Girls’ from 7Digital or click here to download the ‘Coin Op Rocker’ EP from Tunetribe.

Click here to watch the ingenious video for ‘Chelsea Girls’ on YouTube.

David E. Sugar MySpace

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