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November 5, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Pulp – Cocaine Socialism mp3

“I thought that you were joking, when you said I want to see ya, to discuss your contribution, to the future of our nation’s heart and soul, six o’clock my place Whitehall”

Pulp’s ‘This Is Hardore’ album is easily one of my all-time favourite LPs and track eleven, ‘Glory Days’ is one of the best songs on it.  ‘Cocaine Socialism’ is the lesser known cousin of ‘Glory Days’ and shares the same tune with added flamboyant Springsteen style Brass.  Because it was a B-side and because it faced stiff competition from ‘Glory Days’ it’s only now that I’m realising what an amazing song it is.

Ten years on and it seems to totally sum up the Blair years and the Nineties in general, chronicling the arrival of spin led politics and the rise of the celebrity in our culture.  The lyrics are bursting with quotable gems, like “I’ll get down to the jist, do you want a line of this, are you a Socialist?” and “Just one hit and I feel great, and I support the well-fare state”.  ‘Cocaine Socialism’ is a towering work of popular art.

Pulp – Cocaine Socialism mp3

Click here to buy ‘This Is Hardcore’ from HMV for only £7.99 (You have to get a copy of this album!)

Click here to watch a live clip of ‘Glory Days’ (Featuring Richard Hawley on Guitar) via YouTube.

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