STOP ME: Ten Top Tunes To Taste!

Here’s another selection of fine mp3s rocking my personal world at the mo’ (Instead of proper reviews).

I’ve long been a fan of the peculiar way Adam Green combines lush orchestration and crooner vocals with his disturbing and nonsensical lyrics. His brand new ‘Sixes & Sevens’ album jumps genres with gleeful abandon and ‘Twee Twee Dee’ represents a fun jaunt into summery Disco-Pop.
Adam Green – Twee Twee Dee mp3
(Buy Album) (MySpace)

Various Production’s last single made it into my Top 100 Of 2007 so I had to pick up this Remix. They give the track an extra Electronic shine enhancing the weird stoned Hip-Hop vocal.
Dave Cloud – Puff Rider (Various Production Remix) mp3
(Buy 7”) (MySpace)

Elbow do “Epic” particularly well so this seven minute B-side to new single ‘Grounds For Divorce’ is typically brilliant.
Elbow – Hotel Istanbul mp3
(Buy Single) (MySpace)

When the Guillemots are good… boy are they are good. New B-side ‘What We Have’ has the kind of pedigree you’d expect from an old Sam Cooke number.
Guillemots – What We Have mp3
(Buy 7”) (MySpace)

‘In A letter’ is an improbably vibrant bit of Rap-Ska. Like The Ordinary Boys… but good.
Imperial Leisure – In A letter mp3
(YouTube) (MySpace)

A few people have been covering this Rhianna hit (Personally I hate the original song). The Manics do a good job at convincing me I was wrong.
Manic Street Preachers – Umbrella mp3
(YouTube) (MySpace)

A one line song but damn great Brazilian Punk-Funk for it, given that extra injection of fun by CSS.
Tetine – I Go To The Doctor (CSS Remix) mp3
(Buy 12”) (MySpace)

One of Scroobius Pip’s best tracks which puts this into some rarefied territory.
Yila (Feat. Scroobius Pip) – Astronaut mp3
(Buy 7”) (YouTube) (MySpace)

I’m really into this Acid-House infused 1988 single from Manchester’s finest at the moment.
New Order – Fine Time mp3
(Buy Album) (YouTube) (MySpace)

Here’s another version of The Wire’s theme tune. This is from the first series and it’s still probably the best.
The Blind Boys Of Alabama – Way Down In The Hole mp3
(Buy Album) (YouTube) (MySpace)

5 Comments to “STOP ME: Ten Top Tunes To Taste!”

  1. Please dont give my track away! It’s illegal ya know..

  2. Sorry Yila, just trying to spread the word. I’ve taken it down.

    Ryan (StopMe)

  3. ahahaha… Yila if it wasn’t for people like Ryan (StopMe) no one would know who you are

  4. on the ‘fine time’ tip, also check ‘mto’, the b-side to run 2, if you haven’t yet – similarly awesome.

  5. Hello,

    I’ve been looking for a copy of Hotel Istanbul by Elbow. I’m a huge fan of the band and this is the only b-side i’ve not been able to track down. I found it on your site and was wondering if you had an MP3 version i could have?

    Many thanks

    Matt Partridge

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