Sadly Humphrey ‘Humph’ Lyttelton has died this week. He’s most famous to the public for two reasons, as a renowned Jazz Trumpet player who scored a top-twenty hit in 1956 with the Joe Meek produced ‘Bad Penny Blues’ (The piano riff of which Macca nicked for ‘Lady Madonna’) and as the long running presenter of Radio 4’s comedy panel show ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue’.

Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band – Bad Penny Blues mp3

ISIHAC is a program that I listen to an almost daily basis. Humph was perhaps the master of the double-entendre, managing to deliver even the most downright filthy comment, as if the rude implications had never even occurred to him. The fact that he could induce fits of hysterical laughter in an audience with nothing but a weary sigh means he’s almost certainly irreplaceable. Here’s just one example of the brilliance of ISIHAC from May 2000 with a guest appearance by fellow national treasure Stephen Fry.

ISIHAC – Lyttleton, London – 19th May 2000 (With Stephen Fry) mp3

Click here to watch an edition of The South Bank show about Humph on YouTube.

Lastly “As the slavering Radio 4 scheduler of time, savages the airwaves of eternity, and the popular panel game of hope is axed by the cataclysmic network controller of doom” I’ll end this post with Humph’s fittingly funereal collaboration with Radiohead from their superb 2001 album ‘Amnesiac’.

Radiohead – Life In A Glasshouse (With Humphrey Lyttelton) mp3

Life In A Glasshouse (Live YouTube Clip)

Humphrey Lyttelton Website

2 Comments to “HUMPHREY LYTTELTON 1921 – 2008”

  1. A gentleman and a scholar now no doubt with the lovely Samantha in the great Mornington Crescent in the sky! Radio comedy panel games will never be the same again.
    RIP Humph.

  2. it saddens me too! he is really a great artist. *sigh* may his soul rest in peace.

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