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August 22, 2008

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 1

Hello, I’m not dead or anything! (I just went off the blogging thang for a while).  So here’s the first in what should be a weekly post, featuring ten new (Or possibly not so new) songs that’ve made my ears prick up in the last seven days.

First up, is a track from 80-summit legend Andre Williams and his new band The New Orleans Hellhounds (You’ll have probably heard the essential 7″ he did with Jack White and Dan Millar).  ‘Can You Deal With It?’ is Rock ‘n’ Roll that’s louder and dirtier than anyone of his age has any right to produce.

‘Idea For A Story’ is sadly the only new B-side on Bloc Party’s latest single ‘Mercury’.  The awesome beats are like Radiohead remixing the London Philharmonic.

‘Kiss With A Fist’ is the first thing I’m hearing by Florence & The Machine.  It’s a bit like Kate Nash… but good! (Sorry Kate Nash fans).

Fujiya & Miyagi’s ‘Collarbone’ is from their 2006 album ‘Transparent Things’.  Not so new, but new to me.  They give good Punk-Funk.

Every now and again I fall in love with a Jens Lekman track.  The magical musicbox song ‘A Little Lost’ is from the new Arthur Russell covers EP.

I despise John Legend and all his middle-of-the-road-jamming-with-jools-holland-poor-mans-stevie-wonder-crap (Also anyone who chooses a stagename like that is a prime toss bag in my book) but thanks to the genuine talents of Andre 3000 and MSTRKRFT, he’s managed to release one track I like.  I’m guessing the original ‘Green Light’ sounds nothing like MSTRKRFT’s fantabulous Electro Remix and I don’t intend on finding out anyway.

Ahh the return of LCD Soundsystem will always be welcome.  As if the quality A-side wasn’t enough Babytalk have turned in a scintillatingly Funky remix of ‘Big Ideas’.

‘Soundsystem’ is just one great track from Michael Franti’s new album ‘All Rebel Rockers’.  Go on, shout along “Soundsystem… soundsystem!”, you’ll love it.

‘True Love Will Find You In The End’ is a gorgeous cover of the Daniel Johnston classic from the B-side of Richard Walters’ new single ‘Brittle Bones’.  It’s better than Beck’s cover, which was already a favourite of mine.

I could have picked any number of tracks from The Week That Was’ great Indie debut album but ‘The Good Life’ sounds the best to my ears.

I’ll be back with ten more tunes next week!


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