TEN4SE7EN: Episode 2

This week, I depressingly discovered that the whole music department in my local HMV has been reduced to the size of the small corner at the back that they’d previously devoted to Non-Rock’n’Pop music genres (i.e. music produced by people with a skin colour other than white).  It looks like the simple pleasure of idling away half an hour thumbing through racks in a real shop is on the way out.  On the bright side there are a myriad of delights to be discovered on the internet.  Here are 10 such fantastic mp3s that you can get in a WinRar file at the bottom of this post.  If you like them, go down to your record store and pick up the albums (If you can).

‘Mastered’ is part of a Mixtape made by A-Trak designed to enjoy while jogging.  Lupe Fiasco’s rhymes are predictably sensational odes to his running shoes and A-Trak’s production is refreshingly unlike anything else Lupe has released before.

City Reverb’s ‘City of Light’s is all tranquil ‘OK Computer’ style electronics and graceful vocals.  A bit like a fine lost track from ‘Air’.  So very hummable.

Groove Corporation’s Remix of Dillinger’s ‘Cocaine In My Brain’ is hardly new but I’ve been absolutely hammering this all week.  It’s great when the Drums kick in, but when the chorus arrives I’m in heaven.

‘Da Encore’ is an inspired classic Mash-Up of Jay-Z’s ‘Encore’ and Daft Punk’s ‘Da Funk’.  I know your salivating already so get ready for when it explodes out of your speakers at 0.52.

The drumtastic ‘Rock That Beat’ is the first thing I’m hearing from Freddie Cruger’s (aka Red Astaire) forthcoming new album.  If he can top the last LP it’ll be something very special, and undoubtedly a wonderfully eclectic mix of Hip-Hop and Soul.

I know I mentioned Fujiya & Miyagi last week with a track from their last album, but ‘Knickerbocker’ is the brand new single and it’s sensational.  ‘Knickerbocker’ is a Punk-Funk gem to equal the best that James Murphy can offer.

‘Ultra 10’ is the B-side to a single by the brilliantly named Lillica Libertine.  It”s the kind of punishing Electronica that Beethoven might have made if someone had handed him a Synth.

‘J’ai Perdu 15 Cents Dans Le Nez Froid D’un Ange Bronzé’ is an awesome slice of vintage French Psychedelia from L’Infonie.  No doubt Andy Votel has probably sampled this a thousand times.

Australian DJ Sampology gives us a delicious mix of Bass, Breaks and vocal samples called ‘Back On The Drums’.  Simple and effective.

This isn’t a cover of the catchy Brendan Benson single, ‘Spit It Out’ infact addresses the thorny subject of immigration to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Notting Hill riots.  Icy vocals and bleepy electonics combine with archive voxpop samples on this disturbing single from Warning! Heat Ray!.


Lupe Fiasco MySpace / Purchase
City Reverb MySpace / Purchase
Groove Corporation MySpace / Purchase
Jay-Z MySpace / Purchase
Freddie Cruger MySpace / Purchase
Fujiya & Miyagi MySpace / Purchase
Lillica Libertine MySpace / Purchase
L’Infonie AMG / Purchase
Sampology MySpace / Purchase
Warning! Heat Ray! MySpace / Purchase

4 Responses to “TEN4SE7EN: Episode 2”

  1. any chance in future posts you will make the mp3s downloadable as seperate mp3 as well as the winrar file??

    would be much appreciated 😀

  2. Hi CK,

    Not planning on it no. Why, do you have problem with WinRar files as compared to Zips?

    My brother’s blog ‘Music Like Dirt’…


    is co-hosting my TEN4SE7EN posts and linking up a couple of tracks. Download all ten, they’re very good. Direct linking to mp3s just ends up in hassle from record companies (Who’s artist your actually trying to promote).

    Ryan (StopMe)

  3. hi ryan, don’t worry about it, it would’ve just been a tiny bit easier as sometimes i only want some of the songs you are promoting, but seeing as it is leading to hassle from record companies i now realise i was just being an annoying idiot 🙂


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