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October 4, 2008

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 7

I’ve spent a pleasant week reading a stack of new books I’ve just bought like Marjane Satrapi’s engrossing and witty ‘Chicken With Plums’ and Alan Moore’s unsettling ‘From Hell’ ( A journey into the mind of Jack The Ripper).  In-between these highly recommended reads I’ve found time to track down ten more new and exciting sounds and here they are:

The opening line “Remember when we we’re young” sets the tone for this wistful Country inflected Indie single from Dawn Landes.  Take a stroll down down memory line on ‘Straight Lines’.

Down The Tiny Steps bring to mind one of my favourite song writers Malcolm Middleton.  Just like some of his finest songs, ‘Summer Is For Going Places’ is quirky Indie-Pop and it’s got some beautiful Banjo work.

‘Tenen No Neu’ is a mad flurry of clattering Drums, pulsing Bass and Electronics from Duchess Says.  Instead of the normal lyrics you might expect, singer A-Claude opts to set the tempo by shouting things like “Chicka chika chang” and “Cha Cha Cha”.

Next up is an irresistible Indie-Pop gem from 1989 by Frazier Chorus‘Dream Kitchen’ has joyous vocals, distinctive production flourishes and celebratory strings, plus there’s even time for a sparkling Xylophone solo. Why, oh why am I only hearing this two decades late, I’m now addicted.

‘The Sons Of Your Funk Mother’ begins with a gravel-raw Captain Beefheart style declaration of “It’s time for some raw, rare, greasy, sleazy, slimy, sexed up Funk”.  The Grits then proceed to deliver just that (And a bit more besides).

John Hill’s ‘Europa’ is the lead track from his 1971 ‘6 Moons Of Jupiter’ album.  Susan Christie reads poetry over haunting cosmic Jazz in a Patti Smith style (It’ll take you on a journey).

It was a wrench to choose just one track to highlight from Madlib’s new album.  ‘Gamble On Ya Boy’ features some relentless rhymes mining the familiar bragging theme (With more style and wit than most).

If the Cool Kids album has left you hungry for more I can highly recommend Restiform Bodies’ ‘TV Loves You Back’ LP.  ‘Panic Shopper’ is my highlight, featuring a non-stop tag-team Rap.

‘Make Dance’ is a bit of a mystery, it’s a track from the new Golf Channel Recordings 12″.  Beyond that I couldn’t give you any more details.  It’s got one of those awesome Eighties bass-lines and soulful vocals.  It’s a slow burning and sexy House number with a hint of gospel and a smouldering Dave Gilmore style Guitar solo.  Unquestionably my track of the week, so many thanks to the genius that created it (Whoever they may be). (Eureeka! MusicLikeDirt has indentified this as a Re-Edit of Chic’s ‘Flash Back’ from their 1981 album ‘Take It Off’.  They didn’t even give it a single release back in the day… madness!  To my ears the Re-Edit distills and refines everything great about the original).

Last up is a creepy, dark, moody and absolutely intoxicating Dubstep sound-scape from King Cannibal.  I’ve been listening to ‘Flower Of Flesh & Blood’ for a while and it’s been slowly and surely working it’s way into my heart.  The kind of record that The Prodigy should be making.


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