TEN4SE7EN: Episode 9

Here are another ten songs that have come to my attention this week.  Seven are brand new but three are oldies/goldies that are just new to me (No doubt many will have heard them already).  If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.  Without further ado:

‘Love, Hugs & Hip-Hop’ has a heaven sent chorus backed up by a delicious concoction of Kraftwerk and Jazz.  Carlos Nino & Lil’ Sci (aka What’s The Science?) have created a brilliantly original sound with quivering Strings conjuring up the first sparkling rays of spring in a secret leafy glade, rather than the mean streets of New York or Baltimore brought to mind by other abrasive Hip-Hop productions.

Don Cavalli’s ‘Aggression’ is a dusty old Blues song with a youthful spring in it’s step. Like an old pensioner who’s just called bingo!  You’ve gotta love those Jon Lee Hooker style “How, how, how” bits.

‘Sardines For Dinner’ has a funky, echoey, almost skiffle backing with Fella Vaughn’s ear-catches rhymes about what sounds like a well spent youth.  It’s a crime against humanity that a track this good is only 53 seconds long.

Ghostface Killah’s ‘Daytona 500’ is hardly brand new (It’s from 2003’s ‘Shaolin’s Finest’ LP) but it’s new to my ears.  A great repetitive groove with relentlessly inventive raps, what more do you need.

On ‘Make Love That Lasts’, Karl Blau’s voice sounds laid back and seductive while his lyrics paint beautiful strange pictures “Face like a TV, food is my DVD, want to see a scary movie, just feed some soy to me”.  A song so lo-fi and delicate that a gentle breeze could blow it away.

The second song of the ten that’s from a while back is Max Romeo’s ‘Birth Of Reggae Music’ from 1985.  I love the staccato rhythm of his voice on the chorus and the New-Orleans-Funeral vibe.

Here’s just one superb track from The Real Tuesday Weld’s fantastic new LP with an intoxicating American-Deep-South-Banjo, meets European-Clarinet sound.  ‘The Decline & Fall Of The Clerkenwell Kid’ could have sound-tracked some wonderful forgotten Orson Welles film he made between ‘The Third Man’ and ‘Othello’.  It has to be my pick of the week by a long chalk.  If you’ve got any sense whatsover, go get a copy of their album.

‘Oh Katrina’ is like a glorious lost Kim Deal song that Frank Black probably suppressed in favour of one of his own songs about being molested by an Alien in Mexico.  If only Blondie were still making music as fun as this Pop nugget from Tender Trap’s 2002 ‘Film Molecules’ album.

Those Dancing Days’ music doesn’t sound dis-similar to The Ting Tings (No Bad Thing).  ‘Shuffle’ is a clever song that’s lyrics are entirely comprised of the titles of other songs.  A Joy for geeky music-spotters everywhere.

‘Little Fucker’ is a smouldering Fuzz-Guitar blues song from Vic Chesnutt, Elf Power & The Amorphous Strums.  I adore the venom drenched way the title is spat out.


Carlos Nino & Lil’ Sci MySpace / Purchase
Don Cavalli MySpace / Purchase
Fella Vaughn MySpace / Purchase
Ghostface Killah MySpace / Purchase
Karl Blau MySpace / Purchase
Max Romeo MySpace / Purchase
Tender Trap MySpace / Purchase
The Real Tuesday Weld MySpace / Purchase
Those Dancing Days MySpace / Purchase
Vic Chesnutt MySpace / Purchase

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