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November 30, 2008

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 15

I’ve just finished reading Bryan Talbot’s engrossing ‘Alice In Sunderland’ (Nice how it syncs up in part’s with Channel 4’s unmissable current drama about the English Civil War called ‘The Devil’s Whore’) and I’m now fully ceased of the idea that Sunderland is the greatest cultural focal point in all Christendom!  I haven’t just been reading though, I’ve also been listening and here’s ten things my ears were enjoying:

If like me, you loved Fisherspooner’s first album (But thought everything they’ve released since then has been a big pile of wank) then I can highly recommend Boy Crisis’ ‘L’Homme’.  Featuring superb lines like “I’m feeling like a monster truck at the botanical gardens”… well haven’t we all?

‘Rock Dat’ is a sunshine drenched, sample cutting, Drum-break-alicous Funk cut from Parker Vs P Zilla (Shame it’s the middle of winter though!).  It’s on the near faultless Goodgroove Records, home of The Breakbeat Junkie, Sampology and of course Smoove (Among others).

Here’s some bowel shaking deep bizarro sounds from D-Frost Beats‘Big Bwoy’ sounds like a Beyonce style production… after a full blown psychotic episode.  Each second contains more invention than all this years chart music put together.

This is the second time I’ve put up a track by Indie stars Down The Tiny Steps‘Daylight Robbery’ is from 2007 but I just heard it and can’t stop listening to it’s brilliant combination of Lo-Fi Folk and Hip-Hop.

New York singer Headless Heroes has recorded a beguiling cover of The Jesus & Mary Chain’s ‘Just Like Honey’, dropping the Fuzzy Velvet Underground vibe of the original and adopting an icy Velvet Underground & Nico vibe instead!  The heartbreaking way she sings “I’ll be your plastic toy” gives me goosebumps.

I heartily enjoyed North Sea Radio Orchestra’s 2007 EP ‘The End Of Chimes’ so I’m excited to hear their new full-length LP.  ‘The Angel’ is proper old-style English Folk music ala Fairport Convention.

Old Primal Scream collaborator Andrew Weatherall has turned in an excellent (More than nine minute) Remix of their song ‘Uptown’.  It’s not as good as ‘Loaded’ or anything (By god that was a very special tune) but don’t hold that against it.  Just bask in it’s intoxicating hypnotic Morricone groove.

Q-Tip’s new ‘The Renaissance’ LP is rather wonderful and ‘Johnny Is Dead’ has to be my favourite cut.  Jazzy, Funky and already sounding like a bit of a classic.

I’m just catching up with The Bellrays latest LP and ‘Coming Down’ stands out like a jagged little nail.  It’s business as usual, Lisa Kekaula wails like a particularly soulful banshee while The Bellrays kick out some thrilling Rawwwk.

To round off the ten here’s some wonderfully trashy Garage goodness song from Brooklyn Punks The Sweet Ones.  Stick ‘Busses’ on, Pogo about and shout along, it’s a blast.


Boy Crisis MySpace / Purchase
P Zilla MySpace / Purchase
D-Frost Beats MySpace / Purchase
Down The Tiny Steps MySpace / Purchase
Headless Heroes MySpace / Purchase
North Sea Radio Orchestra MySpace / Purchase
Primal Scream MySpace / Purchase
Q-Tip MySpace / Purchase
The BellRays MySpace / Purchase
The Sweet Ones MySpace / Purchase

Here’s a vid for The Sweet Ones’ song ‘Pill Popper’:

November 26, 2008

RED DEATH (Mixtape)

I was sorting through some boxes of treasure/junk and found a stack of MixCDs I’d made over the past few years.  I thought it would be fun to listen to them again and maybe you’ll find them fun too.  I’ll post them over the coming weeks.

The first entry is a MixCD that I titled ‘Red Death’ which I made around mid 2002, when I was clearly still in thrall to savage Garage-Rock, Punk and Blues brought on by my obsession with The White Stripes that had begun the year before (An obsession that seems to have been well placed nearly eight years and countless classic White Stripes releases later).  I remember being very satisfied with the Russian propaganda influenced cover (With it’s pretentious Malcolm X quote).

Nostalgia wise this was a great trip back, there being many tracks I haven’t listened to in years (Of course the title track ‘Red Death At 6:14’ is still one of my favourites).  I’d clean forgotten how good ‘Untutored Youth’ by The Hives was with Pele’s declaration of “Would you like lemon and lime with that peace of advice Mr!”.  Other fantastic tracks that bizarrely haven’t had a spin on my player for while, include Mando Diao’s toe-tapping ‘Motown Blood’, The Datsuns’ rifftastic ‘Motherfucka From Hell’, The Bellrays’ ferocious ‘They Glued Your Head On Upside Down’, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s raucous ‘Sweet ‘n’ Sour’ and The Dirtbombs’ certified classic Fuzzbox-Soul number ‘Chains Of Love’.

Here’s the tracklisting (With links):

1. Mando Diao – Motown Blood / 2. The Sounds – Dance With Me / 3. The Donnas – Take It Off / 4. At The Drive-In – One Armed Scissor / 5. The Bellrays – They Glued Your Head On Upside Down / 6. Sahara Hotnights – Only The Fakes Survive / 7. The Vines – Get Free / 8. The D4 – Heartbreaker / 9. The Music – Take The Long Road & Walk It / 10. Soledad Brothers – Burn The Rich / 11. The Libertines – Up The Bracket / 12. The Hives – Untutored Youth / 13. British Sea Power – The Spirit Of St. Loius / 14. The Datsuns – Motherfucka From Hell / 15. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Sweet ‘n’ Sour / 16. The Buff Medways – Troubled Mind / 17. The Detroit Cobras – Boss Lady / 18. The Dirtbombs – Chains Of Love / 19. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Miles Away / 20. The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Celebrate Your Mother / 21. The Strokes – Hard To Explain / 22. The (International) Noise Conspiracy – Enslavement Blues / 23. The White Stripes – Red Death At 6:14 / 24. Peaches – Rock Show / 25. Foo Fighters – All My Life / 26. The Von Bondies – Going Down / 27. Caesar’s Palace – Over ‘Fore It Started


‘Sweet ‘n’ Sour’ was a record I ran straight out and bought the morning after seeing Mr Spencer’s incendiary performance on Later.  It was his gyrating hips, his Elvis vocals, the band’s black leather jackets and of course those massive mutton-chops that caught my imagination (Even Jools Holland on Piano couldn’t spoil it).  Behold, pure distilled Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!

November 25, 2008

I Knew The Consequences

I liked MusicLikeDirt’s recent 21 song guessing game (Though I couldn’t guess a single one) so I decided to do my own.  Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Put your music player on random.
Step 2: Record the first line from the first 21 songs that play (Unless it’s an instrumental.  If so, skip on one).
Step 3: Name the post after the first line of the 22nd song you get.
Step 4: Post it and let everyone try and guess the songs (No Googling the lyrics… that wouldn’t be cricket!)

It can be fiendishly difficult but if you don’t get at least three straight of the bat from my list then there’s clearly something wrong (Christ, one of the first lines of one of the songs is the bloody title!).  Good luck:

Oh well I woke up tonight
When I was small and Christmas trees were tall
As the morning turned my way
You’re an idiot
I want a love that’s right
Oh my pen ran out the room
Hello Mr big-shot
Underground the heat is rising
You asked me to give up the hand of the girl I love
Since I met you this house has started to decay
Brazil, where hearts are entertained in June
On her way to work one morning
For you I was a flame
Sir you approve the proceedings
Yer now me and my baby walkin’ down the street
Once there was me, there was you
Fell in love with a girl
(The White Stripes – Fell In Love With A Girl)
Rag and bone, rag and bone, rag and bone, rag and bone
(The White Stripes – Rag & Bone)
When I see you my knees go weak
The last night on Maudlin Street
Well it took me a woman late last night

P.S. The22nd song was ‘Rocks & Penalties’ by Ohio Indie-Punk kids ShiSho.  Here it is:

ShiSho – Rocks & Penalties mp3

And here’s the video for ShiSho’s ‘America Will Punch You’:

November 23, 2008

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 14

Almost all my Christmas shopping is done and I’ve still found time to pick ten more tunes from across the world, the web and the musical-spectrum to tickle your taste buds:

On ‘Sabali’, hugely successful African musicians Amadou & Mariam let producer Damon Albarn mess with their sound to create something akin to Jean-Michel Jarre. This defies all expectations of what you’d imagine a “World Music” record would sound like.

Benji Hughes is an ambitious chap since his debut album ‘A Love Extreme’ is a sprawling double LP taking in Folk, Synth-Pop and Beatles-esque-Songcraft. It’s a richly varied affair but for me the highlight is the melodic, warm, bouncy-Bass-Guitar Pop of ‘Tight Tee Shirt’. Clap along and shake yo hips!

In the expert hands of Erol Alkan, Fan Death’s ‘Veronica’s Veil’ takes you on Kaleidoscopic journey through Disco, Prog, Folk and Electronica (Or more simply, it sounds a bit like Boney M’s ‘Rasputin’).

Florence & The Machine’s first single featured in my first TEN4SE7EN and they’re back with a soaring cover of The Source & Candi Staton’s already stratospheric ‘You Got The Love’. They seem to have nicked the strings from Manic Street Preachers’ ‘Small Black Flowers That Grow In The Sky’. I’m thoroughly addicted at the minute.

The Invisible’s ‘Monster’s Waltz’ is a bit like a much weirder, much Funkier, much more Indie Foo Fighters. On second thoughts, it’s nothing like the Foo Fighters but it’s brilliant none the less.

Jegsy Dodd is a man seemingly incapable of recording a bad track, so I leapt for my wallet when I saw his new LP was available for pre-order. It’s in the post but in the meantime he’s shared a rather wonderful track called ‘Liverpool (So Good They Named It Once)’ that he felt didn’t fit onto the new album. Once more his band The Original Sinner’s have created a superb backing track for Jegsy to recite his typically hilarious poetry about his native Liverpool over.

Producer and Remixer Kwes is all over the place doing his thing for other artists like Hot Chip and Mr Hudson. ‘Hearts In Home’ will be his first solo single and it’s something truly special. Melancholic yet celebratory, Electronic yet organic and serenely beautiful. The B-side ‘Tissues’ is nearly as good, so go get a copy when it hits the shops.

It won’t be long before you spot the huge sample employed on Nadastrom’s provocatively titled ‘Pussy’. It’s pounding sexy Dance music from this Washington DC based Duo.

Berliner Trost (aka Annika Line Trost) brings us a quite unusual Surf influenced tune called ‘Cowboy’. It’s like some peculiar 60s Pop song that would’ve appeared on the German version of the “Nuggets” compilation.

Lastly, Soul legend Mavis Staples brings us a searing live rendition of civil-rights song ‘Eyes On The Prize’ (A song she already recorded for her 2007 ‘We’ll Never Turn Back’ album). She roars the words while her band smoulder away and you can really feel the fire in the bellies of the performers. It’s from her new ‘Mavis Staples Live: Hope At The Hideout’ LP which I’d highly recommend (She has the crowd eating out of her hands).


Amadou & Mariam MySpace / Purchase
Benji Hughes MySpace / Purchase
Fan Death MySpace / Purchase
Florence & The Machine MySpace / Purchase
Jegsy Dodd & The Original Sinners MySpace / Purchase
Kwes MySpace / Purchase
Mavis Staples MySpace / Purchase
Nadastrom MySpace / Purchase
The Invisible MySpace / Purchase
Trost MySpace / Purchase

Here’s a live video of The Invisible performing ‘Monster’s Waltz’ (Featuring some excellent live Guitar work):

November 13, 2008

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 13

‘No Lower Case Kisses’ is from Big Strides’ ‘Super Custom Limited’ long player.  They fuse intergalactically funky Indie with off the wall Rap.  As if that wasn’t enough, they throw in some squealing Blues sounds on the Guitars and Harmonica.

‘Born In The 80’s’ is near perfect Pop-Rock from Australia’s The Boat People.  It’s so fun, summery, catchy and gorgeous, it almost hurts.

MusicLikeDirt predicted I’d like Dan Black and he obviously knows my tastes because I’m absolutely in love with his forthcoming limited 7″ ‘Yours’ (Act fast to get a copy exclusively from PureGroove… I know I have).  Hip-Hop beats, shiny Electronics and distinctive vocals make a delicious concoction.  For fans of David E. Sugar (By the way… how about a new single David!?!).

To save you that head scratching and annoying “Where have I heard that?” feeling I’ll tell you Diplo’s ‘Must Be A Devil’ is inspired by Pixies classic ‘Hey’.  It retains that awesome Spanish Guitar (Diplo’s upped the Spanish flavour with the use of the little heard Castanets) but drops Black Francis’ rants about “Whores in my head” and injects some Electro finery.

I just picked up London rap-superstar-in-waiting Example’s new 10″ ‘Girl Can’t Dance’ (A limited sample of his forth-coming material).  He’s up to his usual tricks, laying down rhymes about girls over shoplifted samples from unlikely sources (This time it’s R.S.I legends The Quo).

The vocal samples employed on Golden Bug’s Kraftwerk inspired track ‘Midnight Rabbit’ are the kind of thing mix makers would kill for.  The “My name is white rabbit…” one has me doing robot dances every time.

Howling Bells’ ‘Into The Chaos’ explodes out of your speakers and plunges into a moody Blues-Rock groove.  I’ve liked what Howling Bells have done in the past but this takes it to a whole new epically produced level.

If you’re pining for a new Eels release since 2005’s superb ‘Blinking Lights & Other Revelations’ then Little Trooper are just what you need.  ‘Wasn’t Ready’ is sprightly, fun Indie with an infectious sing-along ending.

Menahan Street Band are an instrumental group from the Daptone label incorporating members from various bands.  ‘Home Again!’ is a warm and soulful Jazz cut that envelopes your ears in honey (But that Guitar has got something beautifully mournful about it).  There’s no words but this really speaks to me.

‘Jailbreak’ is a Kate Bush style cover of the Thin Lizzy single from Norway’s Susanna Wallumrød.  It must be all the Ice that makes Norwegians capable of creating tracks of such haunting ethereal beauty.  Susanna’s ‘Flower Of Evil’ album combines similarly brilliant covers and her own original songs.


Big Strides MySpace / Purchase
Dan Black MySpace / Purchase
Diplo MySpace / Purchase
Example MySpace / Purchase
Golden Bug MySpace / Purchase
Howling Bells MySpace / Purchase
Little Trooper MySpace / Purchase
Menahan Street Band MySpace / Purchase
Susanna MySpace / Purchase
The Boat People MySpace / Purchase

Here’s Dan Black’s brand new video for ‘Yours’:

November 8, 2008

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 12

Whittling down this week’s tracks to just ten was almost agonising.  So much so, that I may be forced to do a mid-week post featuring another ten (I haven’t decided yet).  For the time being, here are the best ten (Oh yeah, by the way… Barack Obama!!):

As a ravenous meat eater it’s a little perverse that I love Beatnik Filmstars’ ‘Animal Crackers’, with it’s declarations of “All you animal farmers are going straight to hell”.  It sounds like a lovely little Indie song on the surface but the lyrics are seething with anger.

Daniel Martin Moore’s ‘Stray Age’ is an acoustic song of rare beauty like something from another time.  His calls of “Come be close and be rested” envelope your ears like a big warm blanket.

‘Rivers & Rainbows’ sounds like a gaggle of Monks kicking off the dust of the Monastery to lay down some brutal Blues based Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Detroit Social Club should be listened to with the volume loud and the Bass heavy.

Eagles Of Death Metal are not a band that I’d naturally get excited about but they do come up with some great tunes.  ‘Wannabe In L.A.’ is a fuzzy Pop-Rock paean to the hypnotic bright lights of Los Angeles.

‘HappY’ is a lyrical carousel ride through war, politics and jealousy.  FrYars make joyous Phychedlic-Pop that’s so very, very strange.

Unpronounceable name aside, Ninja Tune’s K-The-I??? makes faultless brooding Rap.  ‘Lead The Floor’ is the peak but you really should check out the whole of his ‘Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow’ LP.

Pontiak bring slowly grinding freak-out Blues on ‘Shell Skull’.  A little like the kind of searing Rock BRMC used to do so well.

On Ryan Adams’ ‘Magick’ (From his tenth solo LP in just eight years) he’s detoured from the Country sound back into the straight up Rock he recorded for his ‘Rock n’ Roll’ album.  Any song with a chorus of “Turn the radio up and get down” is always going to work.

Stanley Brinks is his name and ‘Stanley Brinks’ is the track.  It’s a meandering autobiography that fascinates and delights in equal measure.  To find out more about this gifted storyteller simply listen to the rest of his ‘Dank U’ LP.

Expect this new tune from Wiley to go stellar when it gets a single release next year.  It’s produced by somebody called Mark Ronson (Who?!?).  ‘Cash In My Pocket’ is a jaunty Hip-Hop plea for the recession to come to a swift end.


Beatnik Filmstars MySpace / Purchase
Daniel Martin Moore MySpace / Purchase
Detroit Social Club MySpace / Purchase
Eagles Of Death Metal MySpace / Purchase
FrYars MySpace / Purchase
K-The-I??? MySpace / Purchase
Pontiak MySpace / Purchase
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals MySpace / Purchase
Stanley Brinks MySpace / Purchase
Wiley MySpace / Purchase

As a bonus, here’ the credit-crunch based mini video for ‘Cash In My Pocket’ that’s been doing the rounds:

November 4, 2008

THE REAL TUESDAY WELD – Last Words (Video)

I had to post the new video for The Real Tuesday Weld’s song ‘Last Words’.  It’s a powerful and beautiful clip that works wonderfully with the song:

Click here to buy the deluxe version of their latest album ‘The London Book Of The Dead’.

Click here to download the video in the .mov format (So you’ve got a copy to keep).

The Real Tuesday Weld MySpace

November 4, 2008

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 11

If Sarah “I’m a Maverick, John’s a Maverick, we’re Mavericks, Maverick, Maverick, Maverick” Palin becomes Vice-President tonight, I may have to commit-suicide, so this could be the last TEN4SE7EN.  Lucky I feel the ten tracks I’ve chosen are of sufficiently high quality to entertain, until she inevitably brings about the apocalypse for the rest of you.  Enjoy:

Cashier No.9 bring shimmering danceable Indie-Rock to brighten your day packed with interesting production flourishes.  It was a hard choice to recommend just one track but in the end I went for the funky, rifftastic and lyrically hook-laden track ‘To The Death Of Fun’.  You’ve gotta love the Beach Boys sighing Drum-break bit in the middle (It reminded me of vintage Jim Noir).  They’ve got a new single out and an album in the pipeline.

Death Of The Neighbourhood employ a wonky Electronic-Jazz backing and strange verses to create one of the weirdest Rap tracks I’ve encountered called ‘Cokeholes’.  Respect when you can get away with rhyming “Double chin” with “Wheelie bin”.

I loved an insane Fight Like Apes track from a while back called ‘Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues’.  They were never gonna get played on the radio with track like that (More’s the pity).  Luckily they’ve got super-catchy bizarre Electronic-Pop singles like ‘Jake Summers’ to reel in the punters.  Lyrics don’t get much better than “Hey you! Know your place, you’re like Kentucky Fried Chicken… but without the taste”.  They even find time for a beautiful interlude bit before thrashing out the finish.

Here a bit of gorgeous, atmospheric, bluesy Rock in the shape of ‘Time The Conqueror’.  It’s the combination of the rich Guitar sound and Jackson Browne’s (Of ‘These Days’ fame) well worn vocals that really gets me.

I never got round to checking out Jenny Lewis’ hugely successful last album ‘Rabbit Fur Coat’.  Clearly a huge mistake as I’ve fell in love with ‘Carpetbaggers’ from her new album ‘Acid Tongue’.  It’s velvety and warm Country-Rock blessed with a guest vocal from the bespectacled genius that is Elvis Costello.

I always look forward to something new from Marvin The Martian.  He’s got a great ear for catchy samples to ride his rhymes over and this time it’s G-Unit’s ‘You So Tough’.  It’s his and DJ Jack Nimble’s brand-new and totally free-to-download ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ Mixtape.  Yes, you did hear right, he did just spit out the lines “You wanna fuck wid us, you wanna scuffle us, I can’t think of anybody out der that’s tough enough, dey never rough enough, Marvin’ll rough ’em up, I’m little as Elmo, strong as Snuffleupagus”

Get your air-slap-Bass and booty-shake ready for Mindless Boogie’s supremely funky ‘Pudding (Rubber Room Rerub)’.  Only Jimmy Smith and his band make music as bad-ass as this.  Unlike Jimmy’s 10-minute-plus Jazz odysseys, this is sadly only five minutes long.

When, oh when are Misty’s Big Adventure gonna take over the world with their unique brand of British Psychedelic-Pop.  ‘The Rainbow & The Cloud’ is from their new album ‘Television’s People’ and once again Grandmaster Gareth and Co. pull off another catchy potential hit single.

‘Pimp’ is perhaps a rare Steel-Drum gem from the little known 1970s Trinidad & Tobago group The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band that inspired 50 Cent’s ‘P.I.M.P’.  It’s also perhaps a newly recorded Steel-Drum gem cooked up by the guys at Mocambo Records with a little truth-stretching press-release to wet out appetites.  Either way it’s genius and is equally suited to chilling in the sunshine or rocking the clubs (Props to MusicLikeDirt for sending me this track).

The last track is called ‘F.U.N.K’ which pretty much sums up this James Brown sampling cut from The Breakbeat Junkie.  If you liked the Fantasy Funk Band track I had a few weeks back, then this is going to be right up your street.


Cashier No.9 MySpace / Purchase
Death Of The Neighbourhood MySpace / Purchase
Fight Like Apes MySpace / Purchase
Jackson Browne MySpace / Purchase
Jenny Lewis MySpace / Purchase
Marvin The Martian MySpace / Purchase
Mindless Boogie MySpace / Purchase
Misty’s Big Adventure MySpace / Purchase
Mocambo MySpace / Purchase
The Breakbeat Junkie MySpace / Purchase

November 2, 2008

ONE MAN SHOW: Jarvis Cocker’s Rarities (Compilation)

I greeted Jarvis Cocker’s 2006 solo album with unbridled excitement because the drought since the last Pulp release had been almost half a decade.  Since then, I’ve listened to that record some eighteen thousand times and now I crave more.  Unbeknownst to me, the intervening years had been in fact far from a drought, with a little searching, it became clear that Jarvis had been very busy indeed.  He did of course infamously front glitchy-noise-terrorists Relaxed Muscle in something akin to a musical mid-life crisis.  He’d also written reems of material for other artists like Nancy Sinatra, Tony Christie, Marianne Faithfull and Charlotte Gainsbourg.  Mostly though, he’d contributed single guest vocal performances on the records of his friends and contemporaries (He and Richard Hawley somehow seem to have had a hand in most of the musical output of the western world in the past few years).  So I decided to assemble a selection of these tracks to see if a second solo LP could be made (Until he releases his real second album!).

These fourteen tracks (Fourteen was an appropriately LP-length number) represent the tip of the Iceberg.  There are none of his tracks sung by other artists, spoken word poetry, live tracks or jarring mutant-Electro (I could fill another whole CD with those. Maybe I will at a later date).  It’s just the kind of spellbinding Pop/Rock songs you’d expect to hear on a Jarvis Cocker or Pulp record.  Spend a pleasurable hour in the company of Jarvis Cocker and his friends.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how this disparate group of songs sound so good together (Well, that was my plan after all!).

Here’s a tracklisting with brief descriptions of where the songs are from (Plus links to purchase the original records):

1. Richard X (With Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley & Hope Sandoval) – Into U
From Richard X’s 2003 album ‘Richard X Presents His X-Factor Vol. 1’ with vocals and lyrics by Jarvis, backing vocals by Hope Sandoval, plus Guitar by Hawley.
2. The All Seeing I (With Jarvis Cocker) – Drive Safely Darlin’
From The All Seeing I’s 1999 album ‘Pickled Eggs & Sherbet’.  The same record that featured Tony Christie’s recording of Jarvis’ song ‘Walk Like A Panther’ (A classic top-ten hit single).  Jarvis wrote half of the LP, so it’s well worth checking out.
3. Jarvis Cocker – Everybody Loves The Underdog
A Jarvis original from 2001’s ‘Mike Bassett: England Manager’ Soundtrack.
4. The Pastels (With Jarvis Cocker) – I Picked A Flower
A supremely catchy song from The Pastels’ 2003 LP/Soundtrack ‘The Last Great Wilderness’ (It was also a single) with lyrics by Jarvis.
5. Jarvis Cocker – One Man Show
The B-side to Jarvis’ 2007 single ‘Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time’ (‘Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time’ was originally written for Nancy Sinatra).  Only the true greats put songs this good on the B-side.
6. Barry Adamson (With Jarvis Cocker) – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Pelvis
The opening track from Barry Adamson’s 1996 LP ‘Oedipus Schmoedipus’ and it was co-written by Jarvis.
7. Alpha (With Jarvis Cocker) – This Is Where I Came In
A cover of the Jimmy Webb song released on Alpha’s 2001 ‘The South EP’.
8. Jarvis Cocker & Kid Loco – I Just Came To Tell You That I’m Going
From the 2006 Serge Gainsbourg tribute compilation ‘Monsieur Gainsbourg: Revisited’.
9. Air (With Jarvis Cocker) – One Hell Of A Party
From Air’s 2007 LP ‘Pocket Symphony’ with lyrics by Jarvis.
10. The Weird Sisters – Magic Works
One of three songs that Jarvis and a select group of friends wrote and recorded for the fourth Harry Potter film.  This one off band famously appear in the film during the ballroom scene.
11. David Arnold & Jarvis Cocker – All Time High
A great recording of John Barry’s notable Bond theme for David Arnold’s 1997 ‘Shaken & Stirred’ project.
12. Jarvis Cocker & Richard Hawley – A Cheat
From 2002’s ‘Total Lee: The Songs of Lee Hazlewood’ Compilation with Jarvis on vocals and Richard once again putting in sterling work on the Guitar.
13. Lush (With Jarvis Cocker) – Ciao!
From Lush’s 1996 album ‘Lovelife’ featuring a duet with Miki Berenyi (Who also wrote the song).
14. Pulp – Cocaine Socialism
My favourite Pulp B-side (Infact one of my favourite songs period) from 1998’s ‘A Little Soul’ single.  Behold Jarvis’ lyrical genius.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A ZIP OF THE COMPILATION (Featuring the mp3s and printable artwork).

To conclude, here are some links you might find useful:

Acrylic Afternoons Pulp Fansite (An excellent discography).

Click here to buy Jarvis’ proper solo album.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find many YouTube clips of the above songs so I’ve also included some Jarvis related solo nuggets for your enjoyment:

A typically charismatic performance of ‘One Man Show’.
‘I Just Came To Tell You That I’m Going’ performed live.
Very well edited fan video for ‘Magic Works’.
A crowd pleasing live cover of ‘Eye of The Tiger’.
Jarvis singing ‘Walk Like a Panther’ on Top Of The Pops.
Relaxed Muscle performing ‘Mary’.
Jarvis Cocker & Beth Ditto performing Heaven 17’s ‘Temptation’.
Tony Christie’s brand-new video for his cover of Pulp’s ‘Born To Cry’.
Jarvis Cocker getting “Remixed” by Ali-G.
Intimate performance of ‘Disney Time’ by Jarvis & Richard Hawley.
Nancy Sinatra performing ‘Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time’ with Jarvis.
Jarvis performing the legendary ‘Cunts Are Still Running The World’.

Here are links to watch the South Bank Show dedicated to Jarvis:    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 & Part 5.

Here’s a recent interview where Jarvis talks about his future plans.

Click here to download an mp3 of Jarvis playing his favourite melancholy songs (And discussing them) on 6Music.

Jarvis Cocker MySpace