TEN4SE7EN: Episode 15

I’ve just finished reading Bryan Talbot’s engrossing ‘Alice In Sunderland’ (Nice how it syncs up in part’s with Channel 4’s unmissable current drama about the English Civil War called ‘The Devil’s Whore’) and I’m now fully ceased of the idea that Sunderland is the greatest cultural focal point in all Christendom!  I haven’t just been reading though, I’ve also been listening and here’s ten things my ears were enjoying:

If like me, you loved Fisherspooner’s first album (But thought everything they’ve released since then has been a big pile of wank) then I can highly recommend Boy Crisis’ ‘L’Homme’.  Featuring superb lines like “I’m feeling like a monster truck at the botanical gardens”… well haven’t we all?

‘Rock Dat’ is a sunshine drenched, sample cutting, Drum-break-alicous Funk cut from Parker Vs P Zilla (Shame it’s the middle of winter though!).  It’s on the near faultless Goodgroove Records, home of The Breakbeat Junkie, Sampology and of course Smoove (Among others).

Here’s some bowel shaking deep bizarro sounds from D-Frost Beats‘Big Bwoy’ sounds like a Beyonce style production… after a full blown psychotic episode.  Each second contains more invention than all this years chart music put together.

This is the second time I’ve put up a track by Indie stars Down The Tiny Steps‘Daylight Robbery’ is from 2007 but I just heard it and can’t stop listening to it’s brilliant combination of Lo-Fi Folk and Hip-Hop.

New York singer Headless Heroes has recorded a beguiling cover of The Jesus & Mary Chain’s ‘Just Like Honey’, dropping the Fuzzy Velvet Underground vibe of the original and adopting an icy Velvet Underground & Nico vibe instead!  The heartbreaking way she sings “I’ll be your plastic toy” gives me goosebumps.

I heartily enjoyed North Sea Radio Orchestra’s 2007 EP ‘The End Of Chimes’ so I’m excited to hear their new full-length LP.  ‘The Angel’ is proper old-style English Folk music ala Fairport Convention.

Old Primal Scream collaborator Andrew Weatherall has turned in an excellent (More than nine minute) Remix of their song ‘Uptown’.  It’s not as good as ‘Loaded’ or anything (By god that was a very special tune) but don’t hold that against it.  Just bask in it’s intoxicating hypnotic Morricone groove.

Q-Tip’s new ‘The Renaissance’ LP is rather wonderful and ‘Johnny Is Dead’ has to be my favourite cut.  Jazzy, Funky and already sounding like a bit of a classic.

I’m just catching up with The Bellrays latest LP and ‘Coming Down’ stands out like a jagged little nail.  It’s business as usual, Lisa Kekaula wails like a particularly soulful banshee while The Bellrays kick out some thrilling Rawwwk.

To round off the ten here’s some wonderfully trashy Garage goodness song from Brooklyn Punks The Sweet Ones.  Stick ‘Busses’ on, Pogo about and shout along, it’s a blast.


Boy Crisis MySpace / Purchase
P Zilla MySpace / Purchase
D-Frost Beats MySpace / Purchase
Down The Tiny Steps MySpace / Purchase
Headless Heroes MySpace / Purchase
North Sea Radio Orchestra MySpace / Purchase
Primal Scream MySpace / Purchase
Q-Tip MySpace / Purchase
The BellRays MySpace / Purchase
The Sweet Ones MySpace / Purchase

Here’s a vid for The Sweet Ones’ song ‘Pill Popper’:

One Comment to “TEN4SE7EN: Episode 15”

  1. I can’t beleive how much dedication you put into this! This piece communicates so much meaning and depth! This is great! It’s like a foreign film… short and to the point!

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