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December 29, 2008

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 19

In between watching Wallace & Gromit, gorging on ten pounds of Turkey and quaffing flagons of alcohol over Christmas, I’ve still managed to find ten exciting sounds for your delectation (By the way, Stop Me’s world-famous (Possibly???) ‘Top 100 Tracks Of The Year’ coming soon!):

‘Slipping Away’ is the latest single in a long line of jangly scouse Guitar-Music going back to The Las.  Like that Lee Mavers band, The Aeroplanes proffer up Pop of the most irresistibly sunshine soaked variety.

Portugal’s Buraka Som Sistema have not only managed to get a guest vocal from M.I.A. on their LP but they’ve got Kano to add some distinctive rhymes to their sensational cut ‘Skank & Move’.  Burbling Bass and twitchy Beats combine make a high energy cushion for Kano’s laid back  lyrics.

Last week I had a track from Jape but seven days later I’m back with a mind-bendingly awesome Remix from the man.  Cap Pas Cap’s ‘We Are Men’ gets shoved in a blender, beaten to a pulp, shuffled, cut up and then polished into one of the remixes of the year.

Dead Kids’ ‘Arm’ is the sound of Mark E. Smith guesting on a Tubeway Army record.  Then suddenly it changes halfway through and it’s like Mark E. Smith singing on a Kraftwerk track.

If you liked the rubberised beats of that D-Frost Beats cut I had up a few weeks back then you’re gonna like this new track from Mangrove‘Mental Metronome’ is all bouncy Bass and sounds of clattering metal and shattering glass.

Mick Boogie’s new ‘Adele88’ Mixtape is the sound of Adele’s hit LP Remixed in a late Eighties Rap stylee.  Potentially awful (Like these kind of projects usually are) but in-fact brilliant from start to finish.  The standout cut has to be ‘Chasing 1988: The Intro’ which is (You’ve guessed it) a reworking of ‘Chasing Pavements’ with guest rhymes from 6th Sense that could be off any classic Hip-Hop album of the period.  Oh yeah, it’s totally free too, if you click here.

I could’ve chosen any track from Moodymann’s new ‘Det.Riot 1967’ EP but after much indecision I plumed for ‘Heaven’.  It’s like Andre 3000 on the vocals, Santana on the Guitar and Portishead providing an atmospheric soundscape… drooling yet?

Mooqee Vs Beatvandals bring some vibrant Motown-ish Hip-Hop called ‘Back Up’.  Complete with “Say Ho!” samples, it’s guaranteed to get you movin’.

MoO’s Remix of ‘Vortex Cookies’ has to be the best track from Robot Koch Vs Cerebral Vortex’s new EP of the same name.  It’s packed with superb rhymes and inventive beats.

The Puppini Sisters’ clever 30’s Jazz style cover of Beyoncé Knowle’s ‘Crazy In Love’ gets even better thanks to The Real Tuesday Weld’s new Remix.  They manage to seamlessly blend ‘Crazy In Love’ with music inspired by Irving Berlin’s ‘Puttin’ On The Ritz’.


Buraka Som Sistema MySpace / Purchase
Cap Pas Cap MySpace / Purchase
Dead Kids MySpace / Purchase
Mangrove MySpace / Purchase
Mick Boogie MySpace / Purchase
Moodymann MySpace / Purchase
Beatvandals MySpace / Purchase
Robot Koch MySpace / Purchase
The Aeroplanes MySpace / Purchase
The Puppini Sisters MySpace / Purchase

Here is the ever-so-slightly creepy animated video for Cap Pas Cap’s ‘We Are Men’:

December 22, 2008

Hosanna!: The YEAH YEAH YEAHS Save Christmas!!!

“This is for the people we love…”

At the eleventh hour, when I thought this was going to be a sad Christmas bereft of even a single decent Xmas tune, Two Kings & One Queen have come from afar (New York City) bearing a gift of great joy for all man kind!

It’s called ‘All I Want For Christmas!’ and it’s Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ new completely-free gift-tastic Xmas song.  It’s a sparkly, warming, winter delight complete with sleigh bells, handclaps, Karen O singing like an angel and a superb Nick Zinner solo.  All you have to do to get this song is give the Yeah Yeah Yeahs your contact details (Not too much to ask).

Click this link to download ‘All I Want For Christmas!’.

Now that I’m all in the Christmas spirit, here’s a few seasonal treats…

The ending from ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’:

A Santa slaying episode of Judge Dredd (Zip file).

The hilarious Blackadder’s Christmas Carol:

One of my favourite Xmas songs ever:

The Flaming Lips – A Change At Christmas (Say It Isn’t So) mp3

And lastly here’s Adam Sandler’s celebratory Chanukah song for anyone who’s feeling left out:

Adam Sandler – The Chanukah Song (Live) mp3

December 21, 2008

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 18

As an update on a previous TEN4SE7EN, Dinosaur Pile-Up’s fearsome ‘My Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is about to be released on 7″ (I uploaded a demo in September).  You can pre-order a copy from Rough Trade. Meanwhile, here’s another ten new tunes for you to peruse (And merry Christmas, by the way):

First up is a track from Amazing Baby’s free-to-download ‘Infinite Fucking Cross’ EP.  ‘Supreme Being’ is a lethargically wasted epic bringing to mind Spiritualized moving in a new Psychedelic Prog direction.

If all you’ve heard of ‘Bruises’ is the catchy 30 seconds used in one of the latest iPod adverts, then you’re missing out.  Chairlift deliver shimmering Guitars, wounded Victoria Bergsman style vocals and a keyboard bit that could break even the hardest of hearts.

Emmy The Great’s ‘We Almost Had A Baby’ is all sweetnes and light on it’s Pop-Folk surface but beneath are her lyrics recounting the demise of a relationship.

Franz Ferdinand are back in the new-year after what seems like an absence of several centuries (In fact more like three years).  You can listen to the new album on their MySpace page in a cool record-box-diggin’ player.  ‘Ulysses’ sounds like classic Franz and I love the way Alex whispers the line “Last night was wild!”.

The Glimmers’ cover of Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Let’s Get Physical’ is from a new album that features nothing but recordings of said song.  They turn it into a minimal Hot Chip style Funk workout.

‘Asleep On A Sixpence’ is from Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan new EP ‘Keep Me In Mind Sweetheart’ (Comprised of outtakes from their last album).  Naturally their voices are gorgeous and the beautiful closing Piano rendition of ‘While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks’ makes it a wonderful listen at this time of year.

‘Phil Lynott’ isn’t quite a tribute to Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott, it’s more about the way music can take you back to a place and time.  Jape keeps the acoustic production sparse to give his lyrics room to breath.

Next up is Of Montreal’s cover of M.I.A’s ‘Jimmy’ which itself was a reworking of ‘Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja’ by Parvati Khan.  They smooth out M.I.A’s technicolour beats and disco strings for a sprightly Indie take on the song that showcases her lyrics.

Parov Stelar takes Piano-Jazz out on to the dance floor with his track ‘Blind Alley’.  Guest performers Sax Max and Lylit provide brilliant Saxophone and vocal work.

‘Dumb Terminal’ is a schizophrenic collision of Indie, Jazz, Electronica, Pop, Folk and any other genre you can think off.  Odd doesn’t even start to describe this track from Simon Bookish.


Amazing Baby MySpace / Download
Chairlift MySpace / Purchase
Emmy The Great MySpace / Purchase
Franz Ferdinand MySpace / Purchase
Isobel Campbell MySpace / Purchase
Jape MySpace / Purchase
Of Montreal MySpace / Purchase
Parov Stelar MySpace / Purchase
Simon Bookish MySpace / Purchase
The Glimmers MySpace / Purchase

Here’s the fruit-assassinating video for Jape’s outstanding 2007 track ‘Floating’:

December 13, 2008

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 17

Here are another ten of the finest and freshest sounds unearthed from the four corners of the Earth:

Cee-Lo contributes more than just his soulful vocals to Chicago rapper Common’s ‘Make My Day’ as he also brings in some Gnarls Barkley style Pop sunshine.  If only Gnarls Barkley had had a tune this good on their second album.

The Dodos bring a bit of Banjo picking Folk introspection on ‘Walking’.  It’s the opener to their new ‘Visiter’ LP which I’d recommend to any Magnetic Fields fan (i.e. any sane people).

‘Oh My Gosh’ sounds like a track by the street urchin offspring of The Specials.  Man Like Me combines arcade-machine Electronics with funny lyrics.

Each single that Milk Kan releases is an event and another song to add to my list of favourite tunes ever.  His long anticipated LP isn’t far off and ‘God With An Ipod’ is one more reason to get excited about it.  It’s got funky Brass, Breaks and namedropping lyrics to rival Scroob and James Murphy.

On Mr Ozio’s ‘Two It Takes’ a crowd-pleasing sample of Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock’s hit single to stunning effect.  Add on Disco strings and Carmen Castro’s thrilling rhymes and you’ve got a new classic.

Plugs’ ‘Imaginary Friend’ is part pulsing Electronica and part delicate swirling symphony.  The music-box interlude in the middle is simply gorgeous.

‘Rock The Joint’ is Dance meets Country without thankfully sounding the least bit like ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe’.  Wild Rumpus create a Psychedelic Hoe-Down backing for Beardyman’s grizzled cowboy rantings.

Liverpool Funk group 6ix Toys have got in the vocal talents of Yarah Bravo on their track ‘Wanna Ride’.  I love the seductive way she purrs the line “Come on over here and talk to me a little longer”.  Add on burning Guitars, slinky Bass lines and smouldering Sax and you’ve got a potent brew.

The music on ‘Runaway Pram’ is like a cracked Lo-Fi Indie Bond theme, while David Cronenbergs Wife’s vocalist Tom Mayne delivers some superb sneary lyrics.

Lastly, Sweden’s Cornelia delivers a track called ‘Coming Home’ with an ghostly Electronica sound-scape to match Björk with an angelic vocal to match Kate Bush.  Pools of echoing silence seem to surround every beat and word to create a deep dark mysterious cavern of noise.


6ix Toys MySpace / Purchase
Common MySpace / Purchase
Cornelia MySpace / Purchase
David Cronenbergs Wife MySpace / Purchase
Man Like Me MySpace / Purchase
Milk Kan MySpace / Purchase
Mr Oizo MySpace / Purchase
Plugs MySpace / Purchase
The Dodos MySpace / Purchase
Wild Rumpus MySpace / Purchase

Here is Milk Kan’s video playing with the iPod’s branding:

December 12, 2008

Join In The Battle!

The prodigiously talented Patrick Wolf has taken the interesting decision to fund his forthcoming album ‘Battle’ through the website BandStocks.  This means that we his fans can purchase stocks (One stock is £10) in the album.  He’s hoping to raise £100,000 to cover recording/mastering/etc.  As a stock-holder you get a share in the profits, access to exclusive content (Signed CDs, gig tickets, mixes etc) and even a promise of sampling his “Wolf Stew” if he wins a Grammy!  You can hear a mega-mix of the demos for the album on the BandStocks site… it sounds predictably amazing!

Be sure to read all the terms and conditions before investing.

Here’s Patrick performing my favourite song ‘Pumpkin Soup’:

…and weep tears of joy to this beautiful acoustic performance of ‘The Magic Position’:

Click here to buy Patrick Wolf’s music.

Patrick Wolf Myspace

December 6, 2008

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 16

Here are ten more new sounds to cast out that chilly weather from your heart:

‘Ghost Feeder’ is the sound of Keith Moon grabbing a couple of wooden spoons and going wild in the bake-ware aisle at Tescos.  Add on some burbling sub-sonic Bass and you’ve got an enthralling instrumental from Arcadion.

Brakes have just made a track from their forthcoming 2009 album available.  If it’s anything to go by, they’ve eschewed the quirky Country influenced Pop-Rock of previous records in favour of pursuing the Epic take on The Velvet Underground favoured by Jason Pierce.  ‘Crystal Tunings’ is Cathedral like in it’s scale, beauty and majesty.

‘Dixiefied’ is a thrilling Rock-a-Billy stomper from the brilliantly named band, The Fabulous Penetrators.  If you loved Soledad Brothers (The Fabulous Penetrators are actually on the same Stag-O-Lee label as Johnny Walker’s new band) then this lip twitching Rock ‘n’ Roll beast is sure to satisfy.  Don’t forget to buy their new “Double B-side” single ‘The Hump / Oh My Soul’.

I guarantee that ‘Civilisation’ will remind you of The Fall (No bad thing) with it’s brooding Blues and spoken-word rantings.  Joe Gideon & The Shark have reams of other songs just a good, so check them out.

The seven-minute acoustic protest song ‘Preaching Revolution’ forms the second side of Julian Cope’s new 7″ EP.  It’s a song quietly seething with anger but still chocked full of wry humour.  Coming hot on the heels of his acclaimed ‘Black Sheep’ album he’s clearly got fantastic songs rushing out of his head at the moment.

‘Boots Of Spanish Leather’ is a cover of a track from Bob Dylan’s 1964 album ‘The Times They Are A-Changin”.  Justin Jones’ velvety voice and the echoey production make it sound like he’s playing directly in your head.

‘Wah Wah Wah’ is from Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop’s ‘Point Blank’ EP.  It’s Jazz, it’s Dance, it’s Funk, it’s Hip-Hop… it’s bloody good!

I love Mister Modo’s brilliant track ‘Girl Scouts Cookie’ mainly due to the exquisitely beautiful Spanish-Guitar sample.  If anybody knows what it’s from, let me know.

‘Half Full Glass Of Wine’ has that rough hewn Psychedelic Garage-Rock vibe.  Tame Impala could’ve slipped this onto a Cream rarities Compilation and nobody would’ve noticed.

The Welcome Wagon is the latest project from the ludicrously talented Sufjan Stevens (He’s in the producer’s chair).  ‘Sold! To The Nice Rich Man’ is not unlike his usual brew of magical folk, warm Country and finely crafted lyrics.


Arcadion MySpace / Purchase
Brakes MySpace / Purchase
Joe Gideon & The Shark MySpace / Purchase
Julian Cope MySpace / Purchase
Justin Jones MySpace / Purchase
Marc Hype  MySpace / Purchase
Mister Modo MySpace / Purchase
Tame Impala MySpace / Purchase
The Fabulous Penetrators MySpace / Purchase
The Welcome Wagon MySpace / Purchase

Here’s the video for Tame Impala’s ‘Half Full Glass Of Wine’:

December 3, 2008

The Art Of The Spoken Word (Mixtape)

Here’s a new Compilation/MixCD I made based solely on the theme of spoken word music.  I call it ‘The Art Of The Spoken Word’ and it actually features some of my all-time favourite tracks.  Like Luxembourg’s ‘Making Progress’, The White Stripes’ ‘Hand Springs’ (Possibly my number one favourite track!), Ironweed’s ‘Down To My Grave (Audio Suspects Remix)’ and Dexys Midnight Runners’ ‘Reminisce (Part Two)’.

The full tracklisting is as follows (Including links):

1. MC Honky – 3 Turntables & 2 Microphones / 2. James Yorkston – Woozy With Cider / 3. James Brown – King Heroin / 4. Big Hard Excellent Fish – Imperfect List 2 / 5. Talking Heads – Seen & Not Seen / 6. The White Stripes – Hand Springs / 7. The Flaming Lips – Time Travel?? Yes!! / 8. Tom Waits – Big Joe & Phantom 309 / 9. Luxembourg – Making Progress / 10. The Velvet Underground – The Gift / 11. Kenneth Bager (Feat. Julee Cruise) – Fragment Eleven (The Day After Yesterday) (A Love Story In Five Parts) Part 3 (The Story) / 12. Jegsy Dodd & The Sons Of Harry Cross – 8000 Miles Away / 13. Superqueens – Not For All The E’s In England / 14. Manic Street Preachers – Failure Bound / 15. Coldcut – Mr Nichols (Feat. Saul Williams) / 16. The Vichy Government – Oliver Cromwell In Weimar Berlin / 17. Ironweed – Down To My Grave (Audio Suspects Remix) / 18. Demetri Martin – The Wisdom Song (Feat. Demetri’s Mom) / 19. Dexys Midnight Runners – Reminisce (Part Two)


As a bonus here’s one of the many clips available on YouTube featuring the comedy stylings of certified genius Demetri Martin:

Also here’s one of the best videos ever, for Coldcut’s ‘Mr Nichols’: