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December 6, 2008

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 16

Here are ten more new sounds to cast out that chilly weather from your heart:

‘Ghost Feeder’ is the sound of Keith Moon grabbing a couple of wooden spoons and going wild in the bake-ware aisle at Tescos.  Add on some burbling sub-sonic Bass and you’ve got an enthralling instrumental from Arcadion.

Brakes have just made a track from their forthcoming 2009 album available.  If it’s anything to go by, they’ve eschewed the quirky Country influenced Pop-Rock of previous records in favour of pursuing the Epic take on The Velvet Underground favoured by Jason Pierce.  ‘Crystal Tunings’ is Cathedral like in it’s scale, beauty and majesty.

‘Dixiefied’ is a thrilling Rock-a-Billy stomper from the brilliantly named band, The Fabulous Penetrators.  If you loved Soledad Brothers (The Fabulous Penetrators are actually on the same Stag-O-Lee label as Johnny Walker’s new band) then this lip twitching Rock ‘n’ Roll beast is sure to satisfy.  Don’t forget to buy their new “Double B-side” single ‘The Hump / Oh My Soul’.

I guarantee that ‘Civilisation’ will remind you of The Fall (No bad thing) with it’s brooding Blues and spoken-word rantings.  Joe Gideon & The Shark have reams of other songs just a good, so check them out.

The seven-minute acoustic protest song ‘Preaching Revolution’ forms the second side of Julian Cope’s new 7″ EP.  It’s a song quietly seething with anger but still chocked full of wry humour.  Coming hot on the heels of his acclaimed ‘Black Sheep’ album he’s clearly got fantastic songs rushing out of his head at the moment.

‘Boots Of Spanish Leather’ is a cover of a track from Bob Dylan’s 1964 album ‘The Times They Are A-Changin”.  Justin Jones’ velvety voice and the echoey production make it sound like he’s playing directly in your head.

‘Wah Wah Wah’ is from Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop’s ‘Point Blank’ EP.  It’s Jazz, it’s Dance, it’s Funk, it’s Hip-Hop… it’s bloody good!

I love Mister Modo’s brilliant track ‘Girl Scouts Cookie’ mainly due to the exquisitely beautiful Spanish-Guitar sample.  If anybody knows what it’s from, let me know.

‘Half Full Glass Of Wine’ has that rough hewn Psychedelic Garage-Rock vibe.  Tame Impala could’ve slipped this onto a Cream rarities Compilation and nobody would’ve noticed.

The Welcome Wagon is the latest project from the ludicrously talented Sufjan Stevens (He’s in the producer’s chair).  ‘Sold! To The Nice Rich Man’ is not unlike his usual brew of magical folk, warm Country and finely crafted lyrics.


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Here’s the video for Tame Impala’s ‘Half Full Glass Of Wine’: