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December 13, 2008

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 17

Here are another ten of the finest and freshest sounds unearthed from the four corners of the Earth:

Cee-Lo contributes more than just his soulful vocals to Chicago rapper Common’s ‘Make My Day’ as he also brings in some Gnarls Barkley style Pop sunshine.  If only Gnarls Barkley had had a tune this good on their second album.

The Dodos bring a bit of Banjo picking Folk introspection on ‘Walking’.  It’s the opener to their new ‘Visiter’ LP which I’d recommend to any Magnetic Fields fan (i.e. any sane people).

‘Oh My Gosh’ sounds like a track by the street urchin offspring of The Specials.  Man Like Me combines arcade-machine Electronics with funny lyrics.

Each single that Milk Kan releases is an event and another song to add to my list of favourite tunes ever.  His long anticipated LP isn’t far off and ‘God With An Ipod’ is one more reason to get excited about it.  It’s got funky Brass, Breaks and namedropping lyrics to rival Scroob and James Murphy.

On Mr Ozio’s ‘Two It Takes’ a crowd-pleasing sample of Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock’s hit single to stunning effect.  Add on Disco strings and Carmen Castro’s thrilling rhymes and you’ve got a new classic.

Plugs’ ‘Imaginary Friend’ is part pulsing Electronica and part delicate swirling symphony.  The music-box interlude in the middle is simply gorgeous.

‘Rock The Joint’ is Dance meets Country without thankfully sounding the least bit like ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe’.  Wild Rumpus create a Psychedelic Hoe-Down backing for Beardyman’s grizzled cowboy rantings.

Liverpool Funk group 6ix Toys have got in the vocal talents of Yarah Bravo on their track ‘Wanna Ride’.  I love the seductive way she purrs the line “Come on over here and talk to me a little longer”.  Add on burning Guitars, slinky Bass lines and smouldering Sax and you’ve got a potent brew.

The music on ‘Runaway Pram’ is like a cracked Lo-Fi Indie Bond theme, while David Cronenbergs Wife’s vocalist Tom Mayne delivers some superb sneary lyrics.

Lastly, Sweden’s Cornelia delivers a track called ‘Coming Home’ with an ghostly Electronica sound-scape to match Björk with an angelic vocal to match Kate Bush.  Pools of echoing silence seem to surround every beat and word to create a deep dark mysterious cavern of noise.


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Here is Milk Kan’s video playing with the iPod’s branding: