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December 29, 2008

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 19

In between watching Wallace & Gromit, gorging on ten pounds of Turkey and quaffing flagons of alcohol over Christmas, I’ve still managed to find ten exciting sounds for your delectation (By the way, Stop Me’s world-famous (Possibly???) ‘Top 100 Tracks Of The Year’ coming soon!):

‘Slipping Away’ is the latest single in a long line of jangly scouse Guitar-Music going back to The Las.  Like that Lee Mavers band, The Aeroplanes proffer up Pop of the most irresistibly sunshine soaked variety.

Portugal’s Buraka Som Sistema have not only managed to get a guest vocal from M.I.A. on their LP but they’ve got Kano to add some distinctive rhymes to their sensational cut ‘Skank & Move’.  Burbling Bass and twitchy Beats combine make a high energy cushion for Kano’s laid back  lyrics.

Last week I had a track from Jape but seven days later I’m back with a mind-bendingly awesome Remix from the man.  Cap Pas Cap’s ‘We Are Men’ gets shoved in a blender, beaten to a pulp, shuffled, cut up and then polished into one of the remixes of the year.

Dead Kids’ ‘Arm’ is the sound of Mark E. Smith guesting on a Tubeway Army record.  Then suddenly it changes halfway through and it’s like Mark E. Smith singing on a Kraftwerk track.

If you liked the rubberised beats of that D-Frost Beats cut I had up a few weeks back then you’re gonna like this new track from Mangrove‘Mental Metronome’ is all bouncy Bass and sounds of clattering metal and shattering glass.

Mick Boogie’s new ‘Adele88’ Mixtape is the sound of Adele’s hit LP Remixed in a late Eighties Rap stylee.  Potentially awful (Like these kind of projects usually are) but in-fact brilliant from start to finish.  The standout cut has to be ‘Chasing 1988: The Intro’ which is (You’ve guessed it) a reworking of ‘Chasing Pavements’ with guest rhymes from 6th Sense that could be off any classic Hip-Hop album of the period.  Oh yeah, it’s totally free too, if you click here.

I could’ve chosen any track from Moodymann’s new ‘Det.Riot 1967’ EP but after much indecision I plumed for ‘Heaven’.  It’s like Andre 3000 on the vocals, Santana on the Guitar and Portishead providing an atmospheric soundscape… drooling yet?

Mooqee Vs Beatvandals bring some vibrant Motown-ish Hip-Hop called ‘Back Up’.  Complete with “Say Ho!” samples, it’s guaranteed to get you movin’.

MoO’s Remix of ‘Vortex Cookies’ has to be the best track from Robot Koch Vs Cerebral Vortex’s new EP of the same name.  It’s packed with superb rhymes and inventive beats.

The Puppini Sisters’ clever 30’s Jazz style cover of Beyoncé Knowle’s ‘Crazy In Love’ gets even better thanks to The Real Tuesday Weld’s new Remix.  They manage to seamlessly blend ‘Crazy In Love’ with music inspired by Irving Berlin’s ‘Puttin’ On The Ritz’.


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Here is the ever-so-slightly creepy animated video for Cap Pas Cap’s ‘We Are Men’: