TEN4SE7EN: Episode 24

Another tough week (Relatively speaking!) having to reduce some thirty exciting tunes down to the best ten.  After a predictably slow Christmas/New Year lull, great bands seem to be flooding the airwaves and wires… long may it continue:

The Big Pink’s ‘Dominos’ is like an Indie take on a humming Tibetan mantra.  With a hand-clapping chorus featuring chants of “Dominos!… Dominos!” they’re a shoe-in for oodles of Pizza advert money.

Catchy lyrics ride over a super Funky Bass-line on this intense trippy tune from Circlesquare‘Hey You Guys’ is from their new album and it’s crammed with more magnificent other worldly Rock tunes.

When was the last time the Bouzouki was used in an Indie Pop song?  Erm… probably never, which is a shame as it’s just delightful on Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern’s song ‘Compilation Cassette’.  The lyrics tell a charming little love story that’ll have Belle & Sebastian fans fainting in the aisles.

How I Became The Bomb’s (Great name!) ‘A Formal Occasion’ brings to mind a big bold alternative Eighties pop song.  So you’ve got shades of Echo & The Bunnymen and The Cure wrapped up in an Arcade Fire shaped bow.

The title of Kindred Spirit Ensemble’s ‘Love Is Supreme’ is obviously a reference to John Coltrane.  It’s got that same tranquil transporting Jazz air mixed with mellow Hip-Hop spread over an elegiac eight minutes.

Koushik’s magical ‘Nothing’s The Same’ has that blissed out Spiritualized© sound or more specifically it’s a bit like that gorgeous “Drifting… drifting” bit from Primal Scream’s ‘I’m Comin’ Down’.

The production on Mos Def’s ‘Life In Marvelous Times’ is gigantic, managing to sound like the ‘Rocky’ music, Bernard Hermann and a lost John Carpenter theme all in one.  So in short, it’s a totally cinematic backing for his political rhymes.

Reborn lost Sixties legend Nick Garrie’s ‘Twilight’ is classic graceful songwriting.  If only McCartney was still penning ballads with this kind of light but sure touch.

Shuttle’s ‘Rotten Guts’ has all the best elements from pulsating Dance, crunching Electronica and lyrical Rap. The bit two minutes in when the beats and Cadence Weapon’s rhymes come back in will have you “Reaching for the lasers”.

‘Kill Devil Hills’ is a wonderfully dusty slice of Folk from The Winter Journey.  It’s got Banjos, acoustic Guitars, Drums and subtle slide Guitars all swinging in a merry dance.


The Big Pink MySpace / Label
Circlesquare MySpace / Purchase
Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern MySpace / Purchase
How I Became The Bomb MySpace / Free Download
Kindred Spirits Ensemble MySpace / Purchase
Koushik MySpace / Purchase
Mos Def MySpace / Purchase
Nick Garrie MySpace / Purchase
Shuttle MySpace / Free Download
The Winter Journey MySpace / Purchase

Here’s an excellent slideshow/vid that’s been put together on YouTube to highlight the lyrics to Mos Def’s ‘Life In Marvelous Times’:

One Comment to “TEN4SE7EN: Episode 24”

  1. loooove the how i became the bomb…any band that can put out releases for free via the interwebs & do them all as well as they do- nice.

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