TEN4SE7EN: Episode 26

After the first six months of TEN4SE7EN, here are another ten tracks for enjoyment!

Blues For Cousin Alvin’ is a funky workout with half-spoken poetic vocals that echo Gil Scott-Heron.  Multi-talented Poet, Novelist and Vocalist Anthony Joseph and his group The Spasm Band deliver sexy Jazz, irresistible Funk and a spoonful of Jamaican flavouring.  Check out the rest of his ‘Bird Head Son’ LP if you want some more (When it’s this good,  why wouldn’t you).

Until now I would hardly have described David E. Sugar as prolific (Massively talented yes).  Now he’s changing that by promising to release one download track for every week of 2009, culminating in a massive compilation at the end of the year (With 4-track EPs every month).  ‘Memory Store’ is from week four and it’s a nugget of highly Danceable Indie-Electronics.

Imagine what a track called ‘Touch My Horn’ would sound like and what you’ll hear on this delicious Brass heavy instrumental from Jesse Rose will be pretty close.

To call Jon Brion’s ‘Little Person’ classic movie songwriting is an understatement.  It has the same kind of timeless pedigree as other movie standards like ‘Moon River’ or ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’.  Track of the century? (I always go overboard when I love a song this much!).

Little Comets’ ‘One Night In October’ is Indie-Pop with all manor of interesting production flourishes bubbling away.  I’ve also got to love a song that gives my hometown of Carlisle a metaphorical mention.

The beautiful Country lilt of Phosphorescent’s ‘Too Sick To Pray’ is both melancholic and sweetly uplifting.  It’s from their excellent ‘To Willie’ LP, which is a clever stylistic tribute to Willie Nelson.

Joakim’s Remix of The Chap’s ‘Ethnic Instrument’ is the sexy sound of Rammstein and Daft Punk getting in to bed together.

‘Cruise Low’ is a fashion-world dissin’ cut from Thunderheist.  It’s angry Hip-Hop but the vocals and music are so laid back they’re almost horizontal.

Waxolutionists and Hygher Baby’s ‘Flashlight’ is also pretty chilled Rap but it’s got more of a Jurassic 5 flavour.  At points the hazy beats had me imagining it blaring out of Harrison Ford’s boom-box atop his rain drenched balcony in a smog ridden future LA.

‘Oberkampf’ is just one of the beautiful shimmering Folk songs that Woodpigeon have in abundance.  I urge you to check out the rest of their catalogue.


Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band MySpace / Purchase
David E. Sugar MySpace / Purchase
Jesse Rose MySpace / Purchase
Jon Brion MySpace / Purchase
Little Comets MySpace / Purchase
Phosphorescent MySpace / Purchase
The Chap MySpace / Purchase
Thunderheist MySpace / Purchase
Waxolutionists MySpace / Purchase
Woodpigeon MySpace / Download

Here’s a glorious live performance of Anthony Joseph’s ‘Blues For Cousin Alvin’:

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