TEN4SE7EN: Episode 28

I’ve spent a good chunk of time this week listening to N.A.S.A’s amazing album (Featured last week) so I urge you to get a copy too.  Choosing this weeks ten tracks was particularly agonising, leaving me tempted to do a bonus mid-week list (Not promising anything though!):

On ‘Against All Odds’ Kano delivers a guest rhyme to match Chase & Status’ flavoursome Funk and Soul Breaks.  The mix of Tabla-Drums and vibrant Horns are totally irresistible.

‘Heartbroken, In Disrepair’ is a crunching Fuzz-Box-Blues solo track from The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach.  It was a wrench just choosing one song from his new Album but definitely check out it’s opener ‘Trouble Weighs A Ton’ too.

Fever Ray’s ‘Keep The Streets Empty For Me’ is the sound of Kate Bush getting Gilmore back in for some ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ style atmospherics.  I highly recommend wallowing in the waves upon waves of darkly humming oppression generated by their new self-titled LP.

‘Frankie’s Party Life’ is one of six essential Mash-Ups Umatic has crafted of  Lefties Soul Connection and Jay-Z’s ‘American Gangster’ Album (Under the moniker Jay’s Soul Connection).  By the way, I suggest getting a copy of the superb Ridley Scott film (Of the same name) that inspired the album.

You can’t go wrong with Kenneth Bager in my opinion but this version of ‘Fragment One (…And I Kept Hearing)’ could well be the best thing he’s done so far.  The gorgeous gliding Strings and sweet whistles of the original are enhanced by a chilled guest Rap from Gisli.

When I see that Diesler’s involved with a track I have to check it out.  Once again I find that his Remix of KidKanevil and Testament’s ‘Kranium Rock’ is wonderful.  It reminds me more than a little of Ty, which has to be a good thing.

‘Kandi’ is a fantasy duet between One Eskimo’s singer Kristian Leontiou and the vocal from Candi Staton’s 1970 single ‘He Called Me Babe’.  The ‘Eat More Cake Mix’ ups the gorgeous drifting Balaeric vibe.

‘I Don’t Care If It’s True (Demo)’ is a taster for Simon Indelicate’s (Of multi-talented and misanthropic Indie heroes The Indelicates) proposed Musical ‘David Koresh Superstar’.  If the whole thing is as good as this song, then The West End beware!

DJ Shepdog’s ‘Limb By Limb (Militia Mix)’ is taken from his & JStar’s essential new compilation of the cream of their Mash-Ups called ‘Cut Ups, Bruck Ups & Muck Ups’.  I’m not 100% what’s being mashed, but I can say that it’s a raucous booty-shakin’ Dancehall cut.

Go grab the latest copy of NME to get a free CD featuring an hour of covers of The Cure.  It opens with a lovely three minute “Ramble on the subject” of the philosophy of covers, by the man himself Robert Smith (It’s ripe for sampling).  The highlight is Mystery Jets & Esser’s version of the classic ‘In Between Days’ which wisely retains that unforgettable Synth line.


Chase & Status MySpace / Purchase
Dan Auerbach MySpace / Purchase
DJ Shepdog MySpace / Purchase
Fever Ray MySpace / Purchase
Umatic MySpace / Purchase
Kenneth Bager MySpace / Purchase
Kid Kanevil MySpace / Purchase
Mystery Jets MySpace / NME Website
One Eskimo MySpace / Purchase
David Koresh Superstar MySpace / Lovely Indelicates Merchandise

Here’s the Beastie Boys rivalling video for ‘Chase & Status’ ‘Against All Odds (Feat. Kano)’ on YouTube:

4 Comments to “TEN4SE7EN: Episode 28”

  1. Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

    Instantly Search Millions of Public Records & Resources

  2. Once again, a superb selection and great discoveries.
    Vibrant sounds each week, for sure.
    This episode shines with the ones by Chase & Status, and One Skimo, and Simon, and Jay Soul, and…

    Looking forward for the next bunch…
    Thanks for the good gifts!

    Will B

  3. Hiya, i work with One eskimO and would love to hear some feedback from fans about what they think of the latest tracks, music videos and any live performances you may have seen.
    In the mean time check out Owls latest blog from the website – http://bit.ly/owls-blog


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