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March 9, 2009

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 29

I’m still listening to that N.A.S.A album, except now every track is sounding like a classic I’ve known for years!  So once again, click here to get yourself a copy (With an artwork sanitising sticker plastered over the top, if it’s like mine).  Here are the ten best non-N.A.S.A related tracks from this week:

Adam Lipman’s ‘Her Life Under Our Roof’ is a sparsely arranged delicate flower of lo-fi acoustic sorrow.  Your lip will be wobbling within seconds of putting it on.

The Bahama Soul Club’s ‘Sugar Cane’ is a muscular Soul cut predictably enhanced by Lack Of Afro’s Funk-tastic Remix (They can do no wrong).  Witness vocalist Pat Appleton’s sexy voice, as she purrs like a kitten and roars like a lioness.

Exploding out of your speakers with a blast of soulboy Horns, ‘Wandering By’ has the honed songwriting pedigree of latter day Echo & The Bunnymen.  And like the Bunnymen, The Bishops pay tribute to classic Sixties Pop.

‘Tattoo Mission’ is from the follow up LP to Boston Spaceships’ uniformly wonderful ‘Brown Submarine’.  It’s got the same sort of vibe as when Led Zeppelin go all mystical.

Handsome Furs’ ‘Talking Hotel Arbat Blues’ reminds me of early Elvis Costello, which is a good recommendation in my book.  The mewling fuzzed up Guitar cuts through the catchy Pop sound to create something exciting.

Hey Hey My My’s ‘Too Much Space’ subtlely winds itself into your consciousness.  The mournful Harmonica solos that break the song up are a delight.

‘Major Blitzkrieg’ has the relentless unforgiving attack on your ears that it’s name suggests.  This thrilling bit of beefed up instrumental Dance deliciousness is by Depth Charge signings Higamos Hogamos.

The new album by Julie’s Haircut is an ambitious double LP that needs to be heard in it’s entirety.  That said, as a taster here’s my favourite track, the pulsating Electronic Indie-Dance of ‘The Shadow, Our Home’.

Justin Townes Earle reminds me more than a little of the Alt-Country of Ryan Adams.  ‘Midnight At The Movies’ has the slightly sozzled charm of his best work and speaks of the same world of lonely nights, backwater towns and lost loves.

‘The New Royal Family Rules OK’ is a proper bit of sneering Indie-Punk with flashes of Joey Santiago style Guitar.  It’s The New Royal Family’s “Triple B-Side” follow up single to StopMe favourite ‘Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive’.  It’s available as a free download and limited CD very soon (Click here to get it!).


Adam Lipman MySpace / Purchase
Boston Spaceships MySpace / Purchase
Handsome Furs MySpace / Purchase
Hey Hey My My MySpace / Purchase
Higamos Hogamos MySpace / Purchase
Julie’s Haircut MySpace / Purchase
Justin Townes Earle MySpace / Purchase
The Bahama Soul Club MySpace / Purchase
The Bishops MySpace / Purchase
The New Royal Family MySpace / Purchase

Here’s The New Royal Family’s brilliant and potential libelous video for their song ‘I.W.I.S.H.I.W.A.S.GAY’:

Update! Here is the hot-off-the-press new Video for The New Royal Family’s ‘The New Royal Family Rules OK’: