TEN4SE7EN: Episode 32

I’ve spent most of this week re-cutting Tarantino’s two ‘Kill Bill’ films back into a single movie.  It was a huge amount of fun… until I got to the painfully slow business of adding the subtitles back in.  It’ll all be worth it, when I can sit back and bask in all it’s nearly-four-hour glory.  The rest of the week was spent searching out another ten tracks for your delectation:

‘Tongana’ is the fantastic B-side to AfroZen Orchestra’s new single.  The Afrobeat rhythms are enhanced by some awesome twangin’ Slap-Bass, heavenly vocals and a generally sun-drenched carnival sound.

‘Slingshot Boogie’ is so retro it’s hard to believe it’s not a genuine slice of Eighties Hip-Hop.  All Good Funk Alliance lay down some Funky Bass, some glittering Synthesisers and of course some vintage rhymes to start the party like it was 1989.

‘Don’t Send Your Child To War’ is a wonderful Banjo-pickin’ Country-Blues song.  You’d swear this had been unearthed on an old Civil-War era Wax-Cylinder instead of recorded last year by Charlie Parr.

‘Death & Taxes 2’ is from Johnny Walker’s (Of the dearly missed Soledad Brothers) new LP under the name Cut In The Hill Gang.  Naturally, it’s a rough and ready cut with nothing whatsoever to do with modernity and everything to do with the raw power of the Blues.

The original of Fort Knox Five’s ‘Funk 4 Peace’ was very close to being included in a past TEN4SE7EN.  This week I heard Nick Thayer’s superior Remix and knew it was the time to recommend it’s crunching Electronics and (Political) party starting rhythms.

‘Idle Forest Of Chit Chat’ is yet another incredible track on possibly the finest Record-Label out there, Tru-Thoughts.  Kinny delivers a gorgeous uplifting Soul song with the help of producer duo Souldrop.

The music of Patrick Pleau’s superb ‘Hype-Moi’ LP is the sound of a (More) French-Canadian Rufus Wainwright covering Paul McCartney.  Gorgeous album closer ‘Dispute Entre Âmes Soeurs Et Frères’ (Rough translation: Dispute Between Soulmates & Brothers) combines shimmering Piano, warm Brass and dreamy “La la la la la” vocals.

‘Can’t Pay The Bill’ is insistent Bluegrass-Blues from a three-piece with the brilliant name of The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band.  It’s a foot-stompin’, washboard-scraping, credit-crunching delight.

The Rumble Strips have kindly made newly recorded track ‘London’ (It was previously only heard on 2007’s NME Live Tour EP) available for free to wet our appetites for their forthcoming LP.  It’s still got the familiar Dexys sound from the boy’s first album with an extra spot of faded seaside-glamour.

‘Working Woman’ is a full on Feminist Soul anthem to make Aretha Franklin proud.  Gizelle Smith’s vocals are powerful and The Mighty Mocambos kick out some strident Funk grooves.


AfroZen Orchestra MySpace / Purchase
All Good Funk Alliance MySpace / Purchase
Charlie Parr MySpace / Purchase
Cut In The Hill Gang MySpace / Purchase
Fort Knox Five MySpace / Purchase
Gizelle Smith MySpace / Purchase
Kinny MySpace / Purchase
Patrick Pleau MySpace / Purchase
The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band MySpace / Purchase
The Rumble Strips MySpace / Purchase

Here’s a video of The Rumble Strips doing an acoustic version of ‘London’:

2 Comments to “TEN4SE7EN: Episode 32”

  1. This is sure an awesome blog. I’ll be sure to check it out once in a while. Keep it up, man! 🙂

  2. 10 new songs every weekend!

    Thanks for the props.

    Ryan (StopMe)

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