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April 5, 2009

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 33

I’m spending this weekend building a new faster Computer with hard-drives big enough to store all my music (Well probably anyway!).  While not doing that, I’ve found the time to bring you another ten essential tracks:

First off, Bitter:Sweet deliver a slinky Electronic Soul cut called ‘Waking Up’.  It’s got hints of Moloko and Portishead all wrapped up in velvet and gorgeous strings.

‘Beyond Here Lies Nothin” is the first track I’ve heard off Bob Dylan’s latest album (He gave it away gratis from his website!).  If it’s anything to go by, the new LP is going to be another fantastic entry in his recent chain of great records going back to 1997’s ‘Time Out Of Mind’.

‘Moonage Daydream (Leo Zero Electric Eye Dub)’ is from Leo Zero’s new ‘Dub Psychedelic Series’ and it is of course a reworking of David Bowie’s 1971 single.  As it says on the tin, Leo Zero takes the Glam original into fabulous cosmic Psychedelic and hazy Dub territories.

Check out Found’s new EP ‘The Fidelities’ to delight in six tracks, with six different sounds, from Electro to Punk-Funk and Folk to country.  My pick is the smooth Eighties-Electro-Funk of ‘Now We’ll Never Make The Playlist’ which sounds not unlike StopMe favourite Malcolm Middleton.

Golden Silvers’ ‘True Romance (True No. 9 Blues)’ is Beat-Psychedelia seen through the prism of Eighties-Funk.  The twisty half-rapped vocals add that extra dimension to this great track.

Although I’m well aware of them, Gomez are a band who’ve I’ve never actually listened to.  Based on the sexy Double-Bass and catchy rhythms of new track ‘If I Ask You Nicely’ this is an oversight I should probably correct in the near future.

‘A Sucker For Your Sound’ has a wonderfully disconcerting merry-go-round vibe.  I Monster mix in all the weird sounds you’d expect to create some more of their awesome brand of bizarro Pop.

I imagine Peter Bjorn & John will never be able to top ‘Young Folks’ but then again (To paraphrase Joseph Heller) neither will anyone else.  That aside, ‘Just The Past’ is a mournful, yet richly romantic track from their brand new LP ‘Living Thing’.

You can probably guess from the title that ‘Hip Rave Anthem’ is a gloriously retro Dance cut.  Rico Tubbs mixes in all those tried and tested Rave staples for a track that can’t fail to brighten your day.

‘Gravity’ is just one of the many reasons to buy The Whitest Boy Alive’s second album.  As always, Erlend Øye’s dreamy vocals are naturally superb and the music envelopes your ears with rich Bass and beautiful Guitars.


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Here is the video for Golden Silvers’ ‘True Romance (True No. 9 Blues)’.  It’s like a love letter to cheesy (But brilliant) music-TV of the last few decades: