THE DEAD WEATHER – Treat Me Like Your Mother: Teaser Trailer

I’m getting pretty damn excited about the imminent release of Jack White’s new LP ‘Horehound’, with his newest project The Dead Weather.  Their latest single ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother’ is a fuzzed-up Rock ‘n’ Roll monster with Jack laying down some fearsome Hip-Hop style Drums.

Legendary Film and Music-Video Director Jonathan Glazer has created a short film to promote the single.  It will be premiering in a week or so but you can check out a teaser by clicking here.  It looks like a bad-ass Sergio Leone style masterpiece and I can’t wait.

Until then, check out this brilliant video of The Dead Weather watching their 7″ get created at The United Record Pressing plant in Nashville.  Seriously, it’s like music-geek porn!:

The Dead Weather Website

One Comment to “THE DEAD WEATHER – Treat Me Like Your Mother: Teaser Trailer”

  1. Salut chers lecteurs que pensez-vous de mon nouveau blog sur l’immobilier?

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