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July 19, 2009

TEN4SE7EN: Episode 44

It’s another of those weeks when there are so many great records out, that I may as well hand over my bank account to a record shop:

Gatto Fritto’s ‘Invisible College’ is an epic 12 minute Spanish-Guitar-South-American-Folk-Electronica-Prog-Disco masterpiece.  You’ll be clapping your hands, clicking your fingers and generally feelin’ the groove.

The searing emotion of Mumford & Sons’ ‘The Cave’ will carry you away.  Towards the end it takes flight to heights that most other Folk-Rock songs just can’t reach.

My beautiful vinyl copy of The Dead Weathers debut LP just arrived on my doorstep (I unwrapped it with all the glee of a kid at Christmas).    As soon as I put it on my turntable I was entranced by the wailing Phych-Blues of the first track ’60 Feet Tall’ which is like the best thing PJ Harvey has done in years.

‘Downtown Barkings’ the new cut from Soul stars The Dynamics comes in four versions on the EP.  The Funky Bass and sweet Organ sounds of the ‘Afrosoul Edit’ had it by a nose over the smooth ‘Reggae Edit’.

Tombee’s ‘Godfathers’ namechecks the originators of Hip-Hop.  Black Grass’ Remix channels all those sliced ‘n’ diced James Brown samples to thrilling effect.

‘Esta Si, Esta No (Asi Me Gusta A Mi)’ was a great rave cut from Spain’s Chimo Bayo.  The Glimmers’ new version is harder, faster and has the Bass heavy heart of a Harley Davidson engine.

Kaito’s ‘2 Say’ is a bit like Souxsie Sioux dabbling in Dubstep.  It recalls the feral Funk spirit of all those great records that came out in the wake of Punk.

‘All For The Best’ is a cover from a new tribute album to Mark Mulcahy (It’s for a good cause, so a super-low quality mp3 is all you’re getting… without digging out your wallet) performed by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.  At first it’s like a calm summers day and then the thunder storm crashes half-way through.

I love the shimmering Dance sounds of Filthy Dukes’ ‘Messages (Filthy Dukes Kill ‘Em All Remix)’.  It’s the Rave pianos that come in halfway through that really get me.

The misanthropic lyrics of Forest Fire’s ‘Fortune Teller’ bring a wicked smile to my face.  The sound brings to mind a darker incarnation of R.E.M.


Gatto Fritto MySpace / Purchase
Mumford & Sons MySpace / Purchase
The Dead Weather Website / Purchase
The Dynamics MySpace / Purchase
Tombee MySpace / Purchase
The Glimmers MySpace / Purchase
Kaito MySpace
Thom Yorke MySpace / Purchase
Filthy Dukes MySpace / Purchase
Forest Fire MySpace / Purchase

Here’s the kickass new video for The Dead Weather’s ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother:

July 19, 2009

THE BEATLES remastered at last!

It’s been over twenty years since The Beatles catalogue was first released on CD.  They were perfunctory issues, missing some of the artwork and the first 4 albums weren’t even available in stereo for Christ sakes (Despite being available in stereo mixes on the original vinyl releases).

I remember the first time I sat in my brothers flat and watched The Beatles Anthology DVD.  Waves of lush remastered audio greeted my ears and I’ve been waiting since then to hear the all albums in such a way.  For years I’ve resisted buying the full Beatles catalogue in the vain hope they would come out remastered at some stage.

So I’m pretty stoked at the news that their entire back catalogue is finally hitting the stores in September.  The CDs will be available individually or as two deluxe box sets (One mono, one stereo).

Check it out here

Here is some great footage of The Beatles hard at work (And not so hard at work) at Abbey Road in 64: