THE BEATLES remastered at last!

It’s been over twenty years since The Beatles catalogue was first released on CD.  They were perfunctory issues, missing some of the artwork and the first 4 albums weren’t even available in stereo for Christ sakes (Despite being available in stereo mixes on the original vinyl releases).

I remember the first time I sat in my brothers flat and watched The Beatles Anthology DVD.  Waves of lush remastered audio greeted my ears and I’ve been waiting since then to hear the all albums in such a way.  For years I’ve resisted buying the full Beatles catalogue in the vain hope they would come out remastered at some stage.

So I’m pretty stoked at the news that their entire back catalogue is finally hitting the stores in September.  The CDs will be available individually or as two deluxe box sets (One mono, one stereo).

Check it out here

Here is some great footage of The Beatles hard at work (And not so hard at work) at Abbey Road in 64:

2 Comments to “THE BEATLES remastered at last!”

  1. I’m getting more and more excited about this as September 9 comes up… I just read an article of someone who had actually heard some of the new remastered CDs and from what he said… well I’m even more excited. I mean if you think about it. The technology used on the 1987 CD masters (the CDs I’ve grown up with) is totally outdated now. These new remasters were made using 24 bit / 192 kHz technology .. the old ones were made using what… 16 / 44?

  2. mere weeks away now!!


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