TEN4SE7EN: Episode 45

I found all the best tracks this week at the last minute before posting.  Sometimes it just happens that way:

Brazilian duo Sabo & Zeb’s ‘Sangueboom’ is a favela-funk-fusion of frenetic Drums and sweet Latin vocals from Andrea Monteiro.  The Organ solo halfway through is on fire.

Stacy Epps reminds me of a female Lupe Fiasco with rhymes that hit just as hard.  The production on ‘Cold Times’ is a subtle mix of Jazz, Funk and Dancehall flavours.

‘If You Were A Fruit’ isn’t a horribly misjudged gay-rights anthem, it is infact a wonderfully skewed nursery-rhyme-Indie song in the vein of The Vaselines.  The Lovely Eggs will charm you with lines like “If you were an apple I’d wanna be at your core”.

David Shah (aka The Melting Ice Caps) is on superb solo single number five now and much to my disbelief he still hasn’t been crowned King of the universe. ‘Being No One’ like a classic Pet Shop Boys song from back in the day, complete with high-energy Strings and angelic choirs.

I just got The Rumble Strips second LP this week and ‘Not The Only Person’ immediately stood out.  The rich Brass sound stands out as bold as, well… brass.

Can you improve on perfection?  Well it looks like the legendary remixing skills of Akira The Don has done just that with his version of The Voluntary Butler Scheme’s ‘Tabasco Sole’.  It’s like The Banana splits covering The Jackson 5… yeah!

Part symphony, part Rap spectacular, part Dance masterpiece, ‘Ultrafunkula’ is six minutes of bliss from Groove Diggerz.

‘The Modern Sound Of Harry Beckett’ LP brilliantly combines Harry Beckett’s sumptuous Trumpet Jazz with Hip-Hop productions.  ‘Ultimate Tribute’ is my highlight, being as cool as when that word was first coined in the Jazz-Clubs of the 50s.

Kid Sister has been inching towards the big-time with every great single.  ‘Right Hand Hi’ is no exception and rivals Dizzee in the Dancefloor-ready-Hip-Hop stakes.

‘I Don’t Know’ has the intimacy of Joni Mitchell and the warmth of Badly Drawn Boy’s first album.  Which is appropriate as Lisa Hannigan’s debut LP has just been nominated for the Mercury Prize too.


Groove Diggerz MySpace / Purchase
Harry Beckett Website / Purchase
Kid Sister MySpace / Purchase
Lisa Hannigan MySpace / Purchase
Sabo & Zeb MySpace / Purchase
Stacy Epps MySpace / Purchase
The Lovely Eggs MySpace / Purchase
The Melting Ice Caps MySpace
The Rumble Strips MySpace / Purchase
The Voluntary Butler Scheme MySpace / Purchase

Here is a live video for Lisa Hannigan’s ‘I Don’t Know’:

2 Comments to “TEN4SE7EN: Episode 45”

  1. my drawing for their american release 🙂

  2. That’s lovely a lovely drawing Jon, looks like Papyrus or something.

    Ryan (StopMe)

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