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August 5, 2009


A new Dan Sartain release is coming out you say? (Oh my god, I feel faint with excitement) What’s that… it’s on Jack White’s new label as-well? (Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor).

Yes, in the greatest meeting of minds since Iggy met Bowie (In my head at least), misanthropic Rock ‘n’ Roller Dan Sartain (One of my all-time favourite artists) has teamed up with quixotic Bluesman Jack White (Also one of my all-time favourite artists) to bring you Dan’s new ‘Bohemian Grove / Atheist Funeral’ 45.

You can order it now through The Third Man Records website (Via PayPal) along with two other brand new 7″s, one by Jack himself and one by the fine employees of the Nashville Metro Transit Authority.

Why not click here to order the triple pack!

Visit Dan Sartain’s MySpace or buy some of his records from the Swami Records webstore.

Here’s Dan performing three of his best songs in moody black and white:

Also, hier ist ein fantastischer klipp of Dan on some mad (Yet brilliant) German music show (The fact that I can only understand half, somehow makes it even better!: