TEN4SE7EN: Episode 48

I’ve been damn busy with starting a new Job and relocating to the capital since the last TEN4SE7EN and I’ve missed doing these posts but this week I managed to scrape together enough time to find ten new songs that are currently blowing my tiny mind:

Black Noise’s ‘Knock You Out’ holds nothing back, incorporating a neck-cracking Dance-beat, scratching, sampling and several genius rap breaks.  You’ll love it.

The Boy From Space’s new EP features a delightful song called ‘Come Home’.  A warm vocal, rich Brass and bird song all compete for your heart.

I saw The Cribs live in Rough Trade last week and I was struck by two things, how many great songs they’d already written and how good the new ones sounded compared with them.  A highlight of a faultless set was the roar of squealing feedback they created on new epic ‘City Of Bugs’.

I love the bonkers sound of Dan Deacon’s ‘Woof Woof’.  It sounds like a recording of an acid fuelled party where The Flaming Lips met the looney tunes.

The distinctively named Fukkk Offf bring music for fans of Kid Sister and her many collaborators.  ‘More Than Friends’ is a super-catchy Rap-Dance cut.

Jamie T’s new album ‘Kings & Queens’ is even better than his first (It could even be album of the year!), which took some beating.  ‘Castro Dies’ is one of my favourite tracks, featuring his trademark lyrical tongue-twisters and inventive beats.

This blog has always been eager to hear everything by David Shah and The Melting Ice Caps so I was excited when I found out that David had put a load of extra songs up on his site that weren’t on his singles.  ‘A Good Night’ is the best, featuring an addictive Dance-beat and a spoken-word vocal describing a night spent “Dropping” Bakewell-Tarts in Brick Lane.  When the ethereal beauty of the chorus comes in at the end you may just think you’ve ascended to heaven.  This is surely gonna be pretty high on my tracks of the year (Unless David comes up with something even better) so roll on a Melting Ice Caps long-player.

Sharon Von Etten’s ‘For You’ is a dreamy Folk song featuring the windswept splendour of a great Joni Mitchell recording.  The subtle production is haunting which compliments the quite power of the vocal.

Transit are the resident Soul-Band of the Nashville Metro Transit Authority. The Jack White recorded ‘C’Mon & Ride’ is velvety smooth Soul with a Saxophone and vocal to soothe even the weariest of travellers.

The hypnotically cool vibe of Matty G’s ‘Keep Walking’ was created by craftily cutting up the best bits from the already magnificent ‘Walk On By’ by the late Isaac Hayes.  When the guitar drops in halfway through you’ll be totally hooked.


Black Noise MySpace / Purchase
The Boy From Space MySpace / Purchase
The Cribs MySpace / Purchase
Dan Deacon MySpace / Purchase
Fukkk Offf MySpace / Purchase
Jamie T MySpace / Purchase
The Melting Ice Caps MySpace / Website
Sharon Von Etten MySpace / Purchase
Transit at The Third Man site / Purchase
Matty G MySpace / Purchase

Here are a couple of videos, for Sharon Van Etten’s ‘For You’ and The Boy From Space’s ‘Come Home’:

15 Responses to “TEN4SE7EN: Episode 48”

  1. Thanks for the dose, i was longing it for sure a long time.
    Repeated checkings did the trick: a new 10.4.7.

    Back to the shine sound!

  2. Thanks W B for the feedback! It’s nice to hear I have at least one reader who missed TEN4SE7EN while it was away.

    Ryan (StopMe)

  3. no more post ?
    you stop so ?
    bad news

  4. Hey Stopme, thank you for the great work! It is enjoyable to follow your posts. I just wanted to tell you, that your steekR account has expired and encourage you to continue posting your stuff! Cheers. low

  5. I hate to be that guy, but it looks like the link to d/l episode 48 has expired (probably some time ago, I’m know full well I’m not exactly punctual here). I’ve managed to download, and largely enjoy episodes 2-52, save for 48, and was wondering if you could re-post it, or if there’s an alternate or mirrored site at which I could acquire it.

    If someone’s asked you to remove their tracks from the site, I understand, I just thought I’d ask before hunting and pecking track by track through the internet myself.

    Hoping to hear more, thanks.



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