TEN4SE7EN: Episode 50

As promised, TEN4SE7EN is back for good (I hope!).  This is post number 50, so that’s 500 tracks I’ve recommended so far over the past year and a half, here’s to the next 500.  This week, in-between listening to AC/DC’s ‘Back In Black’ LP on a loop, I’ve brought together ten more exquisite musical treats:

Broadcast 2000’s ‘That Sinking Feeling’ is wonderfully melodic Folk with some quirky production flourishes.  The string section is at once powerfully punchy and also sweetly graceful.

The thought of David Byrne and Fatboy Slim working together on a double concept album is almost too good to be true.  The first track I’ve heard is the Disco delight ‘Here Lies Love’ featuring a great guest vocal from Florence Welch.  I don’t mean it as insult when I say I could see it working in an Andrew Lloyd-Webber show.

A new Eels album is always something to treasure.  Opening song, ‘The Beginning’ is one of the best things that Leonard Cohen never wrote.  It’s essentially a celebratory love song which E gives a biting twist by adding the line “…in the beginning” to the end of every verse like an emotional gun shot.

I saw Musée Mécanique perform a gorgeous set at Puregroove last week.  They were lacking their Drummer (And Bass player) so cleverly split the drum set up between the three of them!  Their sound reminds me of shades of Simon & Garfunkel, The Beach Boys and Sufjan Stevens.  ‘Sleeping In Our Clothes’ is my favourite and if the opening lines of “Three cheers for romance, standing in her robes, out on the highway side tonight” doesn’t melt your heart, there is clearly something wrong.

Oh No Ono’s have the left-field Orchestral Pop sound of The Hidden Cameras.  ‘Icicles’ combines lush Strings, falsetto vocals, and dreamy Pop melodies into one dazzling confection.

I saw Scary Mansion do a great little set the other week with Leah Hayes’ handmade Guitar being very impressive.  One standout track was the haunting ‘Look Through Your Eyes’.  It’s a gorgeous piece of moody Electronica.

The spine tingling highlight of She Keeps Bees’ set at The Old Blue Last was when Jessica Larrabee performed the semi-acapella song ‘Ribbon’.  Her vocals bring to mind PJ Harvey and the fact that they’re a stripped down Blues duo inevitably makes me think of The White Stripes.

The B-side to The Black Belles’ Jack White Produced single ‘What Can I Do?” is one of the best songs so far on his label.  It’s a cover of The Knickerbockers’ classic ‘Lies’ given a girl group twist and a roaring primitive Garage sound.

I so almost had The Morning Benders inspired cover of ‘Lovefool’ on TEN4SE7EN last year.  Now they’re back with a new album with ‘Promises’ being just one highlight.  It’s exhilarating Indie with a big chunky Guitar sound and Pop vocals.

I got sent this awesome Joe Goddard Remix of YACHT’s ‘Psychic City’ a while back.  Joe Goddard’s enhanced repetitive chorus of “Where ya been darlin’, darlin’?” is so, so addictive.


Broadcast 2000 MySpace / Purchase
David Byrne MySpace / Purchase
Eels MySpace / Purchase
Musée Mécanique MySpace / Purchase
Oh No Ono MySpace / Purchase
Scary Mansion MySpace / Purchase
She Keeps Bees MySpace / Purchase
The Black Belles MySpace / Purchase
The Morning Benders MySpace / Purchase
YACHT MySpace / Purchase

3 Comments to “TEN4SE7EN: Episode 50”

  1. killer tracks this week!
    thanks dude

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