TEN4SE7EN: Episode 51

I’ve been on a serious Talking Heads binge this week after finally watching what is often described as the finest Concert-Film ever produced, in the shape of 1984’s ‘Stop Making Sense’ (Can’t wait for a UK Blu-Ray release!).  I’ve also found another ten wonderful tunes for your ears to enjoy:

Andrew W.K.’s High-Energy/Metal ‘I Get Wet’ album is possibly one of my all time top 10 LPs.  Since then he’s done Power-Ballads, Eighties-Rock, produced Lee “Scratch” Perry and even released an instrumental Piano music album.  His new compilation of unreleased recordings called ‘Mother Of Mankind’ features many different sounds.  My favourite is the very daft Funky Reggae of ‘We Got A Groove’.

Again, Chris T-T’s ‘9 Red Songs’ LP is a personal favourite featuring some of the best political songs ever written like ‘A Plague On Both Your Houses’ and ‘The Huntsman Comes A-Marchin” (Go buy a copy right now!).  His new album ‘Love Is Not Rescue’ is sounding magnificent and opener ‘Nintendo’ is a ballad of shimmering beauty.

Dominique Young Unique’s ‘Show My Ass’ is abrasive Pop-Hop for all M.I.A. fans (Or even old-skool fans of Salt ‘n’ Pepa).  Try not shaking your booty when the Drums hit at 0.44 or dancing round the room when the dance beats comes in at 1.18.

I’ve been waiting for Guillemots front-man Fyfe Dangerfield to release a solo record since hearing his unspeakably gorgeous solo cover of Larrikin Love’s ‘Well, Love Does Furnish A Life’ back in 2007.  ‘Fly Yellow Moon’ has many fine songs to reccomend it but my pick has to be the haunting Piano ballad ‘Barricades’.

Gypsy-Punk rascals Gogol Bordello have just made their new song ‘Pala Tute’ available to download free as a taster of new LP ‘Trans-Continental Hustle’.  It’s the usual exhilarating mix of Acordian and Funky dance rhythms that we all love.

I just watched Hugh Cornwell’s (Of The Stranglers fame) critique of the Government’s anti-downloading-music bill on the Beeb’s Daily Politics show.  He revealed that his latest album ‘Hoover Dam’ is available to download for free and the Lo-Fi lyrical twister ‘Within You Or Without You’ is my pick.

Laura Marling’s performance of ‘New Romantic’ on Later With Jools Holland back in 2007 is probably my favourite bit of televised live music ever (Screw that.. it’s the best bit of Television ever, full-stop!).  Now aged just twenty she’s on to her 2nd LP ‘I Speak Because I Can’ and the Joni Mitchell channeling ‘Goodbye England (Covered In Snow)’ is my favourite cut.

I adore the bonkers Indie music of Los Campesinos! and new album ‘Romance Is Boring’ is no exception.  The Pixies-esqe thrill of ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ is my pick but it was a hard choice.

I’ve loved every new Ty LP twice as much as the last, so considering 2006’s (Has it really been that long!) ‘Closer’ was the best Hip-Hop album of that year I was very excited by the prospect of his new set ‘Special Kind Of Fool’.  My favourite so far is ‘Phantom Of The Opera (Feat. Anthony Mills) and to quote the lyric, “The elephant man is back, also known as the intelligent strand of Rap”… hell yes!

I just got sent a promo of We Are Standard’s self-titled LP.  Upon hitting play, I was instantly excited by the crunching Punk-Funk of ‘Bye Bye Bye’.  I love that Bass-line!


Andrew W.K. MySpace / Purchase
Chris T-T MySpace / Purchase
Dominique Young Unique MySpace
Fyfe Dangerfield MySpace / Purchase
Gogol Bordello MySpace / Purchase
Hugh Cornwell MySpace / Purchase
Laura Marling MySpace / Purchase
Los Campesinos! MySpace / Purchase
Ty MySpace / Purchase
We Are Standard MySpace / Purchase

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