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April 4, 2011

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle (DVD)

I loved Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle when it aired back in march 2009. It stood in stark contrast to other stand-up program’s like Micheal MacIntyre Live At the Apollo. I only noticed it on Amazon the other week and snapped it up for a mere £6.

Each episode has great moments taking standup comedy down ridiculous alleyways. For example; Lee does a whole routine based on reading out the sleeve notes to a Franklin Ajaye LP, or he extrapolates a whole narrative from a found child’s ballet shoe, or he tells a comedy anecdote where it’s very subject begins to critique the standard of Lee’s own material.

If you’re the kind of person that likes siting down on a saturday night and watching Michael MacIntyre (Firstly take the time to reevaluate your whole life to find out how it went so terribly wrong) then get this DVD to feel the energy of something vital, intelligent and real.

The bonus material’s are generously stuffed across the 2 discs. The best bits are 6 ten minute interviews by fellow Comedy genius Armando Iannucci pretending to dissect each episode. They expertly satirize the kind of deadly-serious-in-depth-celebrity-interview that might usually be conducted by Pamela Connelly or Piers Morgan. The joy is watching the both of them just about manage to not corpse at the absurdity of Armando’s questions or the silliness of Stewart’s responses (This is worth the price alone). There are also six commentaries, and even the warm-up acts as an easter egg.

Here’s a clip featuring that Franklin Ayaye routine: