This Blog is about promoting great music not dissing bad music (That’s fun but a bit pointless).  The title is taken from a Smiths song because I couldn’t be bothered to come up with something original.

Allot of the music I review is purchased from Piccadilly Records.  So you can purchase it there too (And Please do).

Post a comment, recommendation or a question and I’ll get back to you.  If you want mp3s removed, contact me and I’ll remove them right away!

Thanks, Ryan (Stop Me).

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11 Comments to “About”

  1. hello ryan, do you have by chance whole lyrics to “i hate the blues” by eighties matchbox b-line disaster? i was looking for them for ages / and i found quite hard to overhear it. thank you!! take care, apache

  2. Hi apacka. Sorry about taking so long to respond. I don’t seem to getting alerted to new comments anymore, weird. This site has all the lyrics:


    Hope that helps.


  3. Hey Ryan!

    I wanna thank you for the Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” review. I really really wanna thank you for making the DEMO of “He Can Only Hold Her” & “Love Is A Losing Game (ACOUSTIC)” available for download! You are ace!

    ***I got the BACK TO BLACK album digitally, and I want to know about the version that you downloaded before. What tracks are different from the final release?

    *Rehab (The surfer guitar one you mentioned)
    *He Can Only Hold Her
    *Love Is A Losing Game

    Is there any else? If so, I’m willing to trade some rare Amy tracks for em!

    ***Sorry to have my first comment be about requests. I really do appreciate your site! Love most of your recommendations so far! Take care my friend!***

  4. Re: GoFunkYourself. As far as I can hear, there aren’t any other tracks that differ anymore than poor mixing. The version seems to be what sounds like a stolen rough-mix with the finished verion of ‘Rehab’ tacked on. I got the dodgy version from Soulseek, if I didn’t mention that already.

    Did you see Amy’s totally wasted appearance on Buzzcocks? Very funny, but I suspect she’s got more than a few personnal problems. Hope she can cope with them. She deserves to be happy for giving me such a damn fine album to listen to!


  5. Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I saw little clips of her on Buzzcocks. She’s a real hoot! Love her even more. I’m not sure what she’s going through in her life right now – but I hope she’s happy & healthy. She can’t blame us for worrying though.

    First Charlotte Church. Second the Q Music Awards (heard she cursed out Bono during an acceptance speech!) Now the Buzzcocks.
    ***Although I can say she’s brilliantly funny when she’s drunk.

    I WILL NEVER FORGET HER PUNKROCK/SEX PISTOLS’ish VERSION OF “BEAT IT” Just plain genius. She should do a studio recording of it hahaha.

    Anyways, you should vist this excellent Amy Winehouse fan forum. Exclusive music, downloads, images, videos, etc.


    (that right there is a link to radio performances & interviews I ripped myself. ENJOY!)

  6. Hello,
    I checked out your blog and thought you’d be interested in my music.
    My new EP was featured on a blog recently http://www.adamriff.com/?p=1570
    And I am constantly making new tracks, so if you feature me I can follow up with more. The EP can be downloaded as a zip file or individually. http://www.adamriff.com/tinman . Please consider helping me get the music out there, or tell me what you think otherwise. Thanks,



  7. Hey man

    Hows it all going? Just dropping by to let you know i have a new cd out on november 19th.. self released again and limited to 100… some of the new stuff is up on my page http://www.myspace.com/stickboyuk

    Hope you’re good


  8. Hi Stickboy,

    You can now add your new CD using the wishlist function at Piccadilly Records. Then you get an email soon as it’s in.

    Ryan (StopMe)

  9. Sure enough, I felt my hurt by christina aguilera music bathe immortal to moemnt in under five minutes.

  10. http://thebeige.bandcamp.com/ er too confused as to actually putting up a track properly.

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